Environment:Our Commitment to Global Environment

We will strive to preserve and improve the global environment.

Environmental Policy and Long-Term Goals towards FY2050

   The Toyo Seikan Group established its environmental policy in 2002. Since then, the Group has been actively working on the protection and improvement of the global environment through its business activities.
   In 2015, the Group fully revised its environmental vision and set new long-term goals towards 2050, and has taken the next step for the creation of a sustainable society.

Toyo Seikan Group Environmental Policy
[Toyo Seikan Group Environmental Policy Environmental Philosophy]

   The Toyo Seikan Group clearly understands that the protection and improvement of the global environment is one of the most important issues common to all mankind. Based on this point of view, the Group will contribute to more fulfilling daily lives with careful consideration to the environment in every aspect of its corporate activities.

[Environmental Vision]
Toyo Seikan Group Environmental Vision

   Combining our proprietary technologies and tapping into technologies across the world, the Toyo Seikan Group will contribute to achieving a sustainable society from the three perspectives in the value chain of our products, services and systems.

[Environmental Action Policy]
1. Pursue energy conservation and aim for the best mix of energy sources that is environmentally friendly.

Reduce emissions while promoting recycling activities and resource conservation.

3. Promote environmentally friendly operations in product and technology development and manufacturing throughout the lifecycle of a product.

Reduce the use of materials and substances with a high environmental burden, and replace them with alternative items.

5. Advance our efforts to prevent environmental pollution.

Work on mutual understanding by proactively communicating with stakeholders regarding environmental issues.

[Long-term Goals towards 2050]
1) We aim to halve CO2 emissions by 2050*

We will reduce the use of new resources to the maximum extent and replace them with recycled or renewable materials.


We will contribute, through our products and services, to the creation of a society where humans and all other creatures on the planet can coexist permanently, with due consideration to product lifecycles in the processes of procurement, development, manufacturing, sales and service activities.

* Compared to fiscal 2013

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