Environment:Our Commitment to Global Environment

We will strive to preserve and improve the global environment.

Bases for the Environmental Vision and the FY2050 Long-Term Goals

Creation of a low-carbon society

   The Toyo Seikan Group has set a target of “halving its total CO2 emissions from business activities by FY2050” compared with FY2013 as part of its long-term goals. The Group will pursue the reduction of the total emissions through internal measures and the use of social infrastructure, based on the following perspectives:

  1. Reduction of unit energy consumption
    The Act on the Rational Use of Energy (known as the Energy Saving Act) has set a non-binding target for specified business operators to reduce the unit energy consumption by 1% or more on average per year. In accordance with the target, the Group aims to reduce its unit energy consumption by 1% every year from FY2013 to FY2050.
  2. Reduction of total CO2 emissions
    From the perspective of global warming prevention, greenhouse gas emissions need to be reduced across the globe. In addition to the effort to lower unit energy consumption, we will also strive to reduce the total CO2 emissions through a shift to energy-saving facilities, the improvement of manufacturing system efficiency and the development of new technologies.
  3. Reduction through the use of eco-friendly power
    As for electricity, the main energy used by the Group, we plan to use power generated from renewable energy without CO2 emissions and less-emitting power sources. We will capitalize on these efforts, including the selection of power sources, to lower carbon emissions during the course of its implementation.
  4. Global activities
    In addition to domestic plants and offices, we will advance our energy-saving measures also at overseas facilities to achieve the target on a global basis.
Creation of a recycling-oriented society

   The reserves-to-production ratios for steel, aluminum and crude oil, main raw materials used by the Group, are approximately 100 years for steel and aluminum and 50 years for crude oil. Natural resources on the earth are finite, and Japan relies on foreign countries for most of such resources it needs. As these resources are estimated to be in short supply in the future largely due to increasing demand in emerging countries, minimizing the consumption of virgin materials in manufacturing will be more critical.
   Japan has maintained a high recycling rate for steel, aluminum and glass, while using recycled materials to manufacture aluminum cans and glass bottles. However, as for plastic containers, there are still a lot of technical challenges in the use of recycled materials as well as biomass and other renewable materials, and therefore further development of technology is necessary to realize a society that is not dependent on oil in the future.
   To use limited resources on earth on a sustainable basis, the Toyo Seikan Group will strive for weight reduction of products through technological development, effective use of recycled materials and proactive use of renewable materials.

Creation of a society that coexists in harmony with nature

   The Toyo Seikan Group will contribute to the creation of a society that allows humans and all other creatures on the earth to coexist permanently. Based on this point of view, we believe that it is necessary to establish a “society that coexists in harmony with nature” where a biodiversity is adequately maintained and all social economic activities are performed in line with natural cycles. In such a society, we can continue to benefit from nature into the future by securing opportunities to enjoy and learn about the nature.

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