The Toyo Seikan Group values dignity, and is engaged in daily efforts to ensure fairness and equality in all aspects of its business activities in order to meet the expectations of society.


Act honestly and responsibly

   The Toyo Seikan Group has established its Code of Conduct and Guidelines of Behavior to encourage all group members to act honestly and responsibly. It has also been encouraging employees’ self-review of their own activities with self-check cards.

Group Risk & Compliance Promotion Framework
Group Risk & Compliance Promotion Framework

   The Group has established the following organizational structure to promote group-wide compliance.

Main Activities Conducted During FY2017

   The following activities for domestic group companies were conducted.

Group Compliance Promotion Campaign (October 2017)

  • Group’s common campaign theme
    (1) Distinction between public and private matters
    (2) Healthy relationships with business partners and governments
  • Held Group Compliance Training Seminar
  • Submission of written pledges on ethics and legal compliance

Legal Training Program for Newly Appointed Group Officers

  • 28 participants on May 29, 2017
  • 11 participants on July 25, 2017

Review of Compliance Framework regarding the Antimonopoly Act

  • Conducted a review of organizational structures; established/revised internal regulations regarding Antimonopoly Act compliance; set rules for contacts with competitors; and carried out educational programs (36 times in total with 869 participants).

Compliance with the Act against Delay in Payment of Subcontract Proceeds, etc. to Subcontractors (from October 2017)

  • Established and reviewed the compliance framework regarding the Subcontract Act, including the introduction of rules to manage subcontractors and the clarification of subcontract procedures.

Managers’ Full Understanding of / Compliance with Labor Law

  • Conducted an educational program for managers focusing on the prevention of long hours work and managers’ responsibility (1,938 participants in total).
Main Activities Planned for FY2018
  • Establishment of a compliance framework regarding the Antimonopoly Act
  • Compliance training programs
  • Establishment and announcement of the Toyo Seikan Group Code of Conduct and Guidelines of Behavior
  • Group Compliance Promotion Campaign
  • Establishment and announcement of the Group’s regulations related to bribery prevention
  • Establishment of compliance framework for European group companies in response to the enforcement of the EU General Data Protection Regulation
  • Collection and transmission of compliance-related information
Compliance Hotlines

   For reporting and consultation about compliance violations, the Group has established two external hotlines, the Corporate Ethics Hotline and the Sexual Harassment and Interpersonal Relations Hotline, as well as an internal consultation desk. In fiscal 2017, there were 86 contacts to the external hotlines. The Group has also established appropriate procedures for processing received reports and consultations and a scheme to protect hotline users, while promoting employees’ better understanding of the external hotlines with posters and self-check cards.

Group Compliance Training Seminar

   On October 13, 2017, the Group Compliance Training Seminar was held, inviting a lawyer as a lecturer, and attended by 133 officers from group companies.



Latest trend of work style reform
(Long hours work / Diversity / Work conditions of non-regular workers)


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