Governance:Risk Management

The Toyo Seikan Group implements risk management to achieve business continuity and
greater stability of its management infrastructure.

Initiatives at Operating Companies

Regular BCP Drill

   Toyo Kohan has formulated its emergency response procedures and business continuity basic plan, and has regularly conducted business continuity planning (BCP) drills. The drill conducted in fiscal 2017 assumed that the occurrence of a Nankai Trough earthquake shut down operation of lamination lines at Kudamatsu Plant and suspended product supply to customers. In the drill, the emergency headquarters set up within the head office carried out an ideal simulation with Kudamatsu Plant according to an expected scenario towards the resolution of emergency situations. After the drill, the company made a review to identify issues to address and deficiencies in the existing procedures and manuals. The company will continue to perform BCP drills for the improvement of its ability to respond to emergency.

Emergency Elevator Evacuation Plan in Place

   In May 2018, the Toyo Seikan Group’s headquarters building acquired an approval of the Shinagawa Fire Station to an evacuation plan with use of emergency elevators, which became the first approval for this type of evacuation plan in the Shinagawa fire district. The plan was formulated based on the “safety measure for evacuation of the walking disabled from high-rise buildings”, which was introduced by the Tokyo Fire Department in October 2013. Although guiding people to elevators in fire evacuation is prohibited, the measure allows the walking disabled to use elevators in fire evacuation with certain conditions being fulfilled. It is rare for an existing building to acquire the approval. We succeeded in the acquisition as a result of discussions with the fire station to install sign boards and secure temporary evacuation space.

Training and Educational Programs for Emergency

   The Toyo Seikan Group performs at its headquarters building drills and educational programs to prepare for emergency situations such as a major earthquake. On September 1, 2017, the “Exploration Tour for Learning Disaster Prevention Equipment” was conducted for better understanding of employees about the building’s disaster prevention function. In the tour, participants visited various facilities from the second basement to the rooftop, including places that are usually not opened to employees, and learned their functions and performance. On May 18, 2018, employees participated in an emergency drill and experienced shaking in an earthquake simulation vehicle. The Group will continue to raise employees’ awareness for disaster prevention.

Drill to Respond to Environmentally Hazardous Accidents

   Osaka Plant of Tokan Material Technology conducted an emergency drill in which a gas leak from the furnace was assumed. Required procedures were followed according to the manual: 1)confirm the location of the switch to activate the emergency gas insulation valve, 2)confirm that the switch will be turned on when the leakage point is not identified; and 3)make emergency contact with the gas company. The company will continue training to ensure steady implementation of procedures at the time of emergency.

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