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Risk Management

Risk Management System

We have been performing risk management based on the “Rules for Group Risk and Crisis Management.”
The Group Risk and Compliance Committee and other relevant parties check the status of the group-wide risk management and take improvement and preventive measures.

Each group company has its own framework to promote risk management, under which it formulates the basic policy and plan of its risk management and conducts a review of its company-wide risk management status.

Risk and Compliance Framework

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Risk and Compliance Framework

Enhancing Risk and Crisis Management Framework

To deal with risks and crises surrounding the Group and prevent the occurrence of risks that may impact our business continuity, we have established the Risk Management Committee to build a solid framework for the entire group’s risk and crisis management and the Group Risk and Compliance Committee to supervise risk and crisis management and compliance across the Group as well as the Risk Management Administration Office as a permanent secretariat of the committees.

Both committees check information related to material risks and take necessary action to improve situations and prevent risk occurrence.

In addition, in order to achieve a stable foundation for our business management, the Company and its group companies individually develop crisis management rules and crisis response manuals and review their risk management status under their respective management systems.

Furthermore, the Company and its group companies reinforce their risk management systems based on their business continuity plans (BCPs), which have been formulated to quickly resume and maintain operations in the event of a crisis.

Addressing the COVID-19 pandemic

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been concentrating on preventing infection and placing the top priority on securing the health and safety of all stakeholders, including employees and their families, suppliers and customers. Therefore, we are taking comprehensive measures for the entire group, including foreign subsidiaries, by establishing a group-wide COVID-19 crisis management committee, which meets as appropriate, and by sharing information about the current situation of infection and governmental measures through the Group’s internal database on a daily basis.

To ensure the continuity of the Group’s operations related to food, beverages and household products, we are also making the utmost efforts to contain infections by steadily implementing preventive measures in all of our operations.

Activities Planned for FY2022

We will place high priority on the following three items in the Group’s risk and crisis management activities for the current year.

  1. 1)Take actions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection
  2. 2)Implement risk management activities
  3. 3)Formulate and disseminate our risk management policy

Organizations and Significant Risks of Operating Companies

Each operating company of the Group has established a risk management organization to prevent the occurrence of risks, and to resume normal operations as soon as possible if a risk event occurs.The risk management organizations identify significant risks that could obstruct business operations, and take responsibility for addressing such risks.

* This chart is scrolled

Company Potential significant risk
Toyo Seikan

Operation and management / Finance and accounting / Debt collection / Natural disaster and accident / Compliance / Information security / Manufacturing and quality / Environment / Country

Risk & Compliance Committee
Toyo Kohan

Compliance / Manufacturing,facilities,quality / Sales / Safety,hygiene,disaster prevention / Environment / Information

Risk Management Committee
Tokan Kogyo

Compliance / Manufacturing and quality / Environment / Finance and accounting / Information security / Natural disaster and accident / Country / Operation and management

Risk & Compliance Committee
Nippon Closures

Compliance / Significant loss(due to natural disasters and accidents) / Information security / Quality / Environment / Country

Risk & Compliance Committee
Toyo Glass

Compliance / Natural disaster and accident / Environment / Quality / Information security / Debt collection / Country / Food safety

Risk & Compliance Promotion Committee
Mebius Packaging

Operation and management / Finance and accounting / Debt collection / Natural disaster and accident / Compliance / Information security / Manufacturing and quality / Environment / Country

Risk & Compliance Committee

Initiatives at Operating Companies

Formulating a BCP and Conducting Drills that Assumes Loss of Head Office Functions

Toyo Seikan has formulated a business continuity plan(BCP) assuming a loss of head office functions, a situation in which employees are unable to reach the head office due to the suspension of public transport service caused by a major earthquake in Tokyo Metropolitan Area occurred during night-time or on a holiday.

The BCP is aimed to reduce the time required for recovery and to continue operations by prioritizing in advance the tasks of individual departments and establishing instruction processes, communication flows, and information sharing methods for an emergency situation after an earthquake.

In March 2022, based on the BCP, Toyo Seikan conducted a company-wide drill assuming the loss of head office functions. In the drill, the company established a virtual crisis management headquarters, and its offices and plants verified the effectiveness of the BCP with web meeting platforms and other means of communication to receive instructions from the headquarters and report on the damage.

Restructuring Risk Management System and Conducting Risk Assessment

Prompt risk response is significant for business continuity into the future.

Nippon Closures restructured the risk management system to enhance its effectiveness. The modified system clarified the officers and the division in charge of risk management and the workflow of holding the crisis management meeting, enabling the company to minimize damage by promptly calling the crisis management meeting in case of actual or potential risk occurrence.

In line with the restructure, the company is currently carrying out risk assessments by visualizing potential risks in each department in order to minimize the risks.

Education on Confidential Information Management

In July 2021, Tokan Kogyo prepared the Confidential Information Management Handbook as a means of confidential information management. This handbook summarizes the Confidential Information Management Rules, rules of teleworking, and other guidelines, which were established or revised in fiscal 2020.

In September 2021, the company held a confidential information management workshop based on the handbook. A total of 295 employees attended the workshop both on-site and online by Zoom. For the employees who did not attend the workshop, its recorded video was posted at a later date.

Back in April 2021, individual departments of the company updated their confidential information management tables. In May 2021, the company also revised the Guidelines for Confidential Information Management in Teleworking.

Workshop on Chemical Substances

To reduce occupational accidents in its technical departments, TOMATEC’s health and safety committee held a workshop on the hazards of chemical substances, for inexperienced employees in technical departments. The eight participants learned definitions of chemical substances, major laws related to chemical substances and their purposes, contents and purposes of Safety Data Sheets (SDSs), and classifications of hazards based on Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals(GHS) by looking up the SDSs for chemical substances which they regularly handle.

SDSs contain various information such as the hazards of chemical substances, precautions for handling, and applicable laws and regulations. The person handling chemical substances must correctly read SDSs and create accurate SDSs that are provided to customers.

TOMATEC has regularly held workshops to help employees fully understand the handling of chemical substances and SDSs.

Emergency Response Drill

In preparation for emergencies such as large-scale earthquakes, the Toyo Seikan Group regularly conducts disaster response and emergency communication drills at its facilities, taking account of their regions and business environments, and organizes a system that enables individual facilities to implement disaster preparedness activities to ensure personnel safety and to minimize the impact on neighboring areas.

Fire Drill

In fiscal 2021, offices and plants of TOMATEC individually conducted drills from the perspective of COVID-19 prevention.

Its head office, Osaka Plant, and Tokyo Sales Office held a fire safety lecture using a DVD rented from the Osaka City Chuo Fire Station. The lecture was meaningful with the DVD showing realistic disasters and a quiz to measure the degree of participants’ understanding. In addition, under instructions of the Kita Fire Station in Osaka, the firefighting teams in the head office and the Osaka Plant carried out fire drills. The employees actually experienced activities, such as taking a ladder truck ride, spraying water with a fire hose, and trying on a firefighter protective clothing. Meanwhile, the Komaki Plant carried out a fire evacuation exercise with special goggles to artificially provide a smoked environment that are rented from the Komaki City Fire Department. The participants experienced the danger of falling down stairs while evacuating in smoke with poor visibility.

Tsunami Evacuation Exercise

The Sendai Plant of Toyo Seikan conducted evacuation exercises for three days in April and May 2021, assuming a significant tsunami.

The plant was damaged due to tsunami caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake; however, no casualty was reported in the plant since the employees on duty quickly evacuated the site. The exercises were attended by 30 employees, including ones who started working at the plant after the earthquake with no evacuation experience and others from partner companies. They actually walked from the primary evacuation site in the plant to the nearby tsunami evacuation site, ensuring their evacuation route.

Enhancing Disaster and Epidemic Preparedness Systems

Tokan Kogyo regularly conducts the following activities as measures to prepare for natural disasters, such as earthquakes and typhoons, as well as for epidemics including the spread of COVID-19 infection.

  • Sufficient emergency stockpiles for disaster and epidemic preparedness

Its individual offices and plants stockpile preserved food and water, masks, disinfectants, and protective clothing. They have also made lists and manuals of the stockpiled items to easily check their quantities and timing of rotation.

  • Measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19

The company has installed partitions in offices and meeting rooms, reducing the number of seats in the meeting rooms of the head office to secure social distancing. It has also created guidelines to contain infections in meeting rooms, such as the installation of circulators and disinfection after using a meeting room. The head office stores PCR test kits to allow employees to take PCR testing before their business trips.

  • Emergency communication drill

The “Emergency Call” system has been adopted as a safety confirmation and emergency communication tool in the event of a disaster, and drills for the safety confirmation response have been regularly carried out. In 2020, the company created and provided a manual card for the safety confirmation response to reduce the response time and increase the response rate.

  • Updating hazard maps for the offices and plants(areas prone to flood and landslide)
  • Updating the headquarters earthquake disaster manual that assumes a major earthquake in Tokyo Metropolitan Area

The company prepares various measures listed above by taking account of its individual office conditions.

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