Social:Social Contribution Activities

We will promote participation in community activities to coexist in harmony with local communities.

Activities of Group Companies

Cooperation with Local Fire Department in Drill

   Yokohama Plant of Toyo Seikan provided a location, a partially unused factory building on the site, for a fire drill to develop and train firefighters, in response to a request from the Tsurumi Fire Station in Yokohama. The fire station officials extended their gratitude, stating that this was a valuable opportunity since it was rare for them to use actual buildings in fire drills.

Best Practice Award 2017

   On September 29, 2017, Bangkok Can Manufacturing (BCM) won the Best Practice Award 2017. This prize is to honor a corporation for having done something valuable for the King of Thailand and contributed to the country.
   BCM has been engaging in various activities such as support for an association for artificial limbs, tree planting in coordination with the city of Rangsit, where BCM operates, public space cleaning, donations to facilities for the disabled, and conducting factory tours for rural area students. These continuous efforts were evaluated, resulting in BCM’s winning the prize this time.

Donation for Next-Generation Support

   There was a concert by Koma, a performing group of traditional Japanese musical instruments, in the city of Kudamatsu, Yamaguchi prefecture, sponsored by the donation that Toyo Kohan makes every year to the city for next-generation support activities. Around 1,600 junior high school students were invited to the performance and enjoyed the sound of Japanese drums, koto and shamisen. “I’m glad to have a good opportunity to learn Japanese instruments”, said a student who attended the concert.

Participation in a Bell Mark Project

   Since 2016, Toyohashi Plant of Toyo Seikan has been involved in the “Bell Mark No.1-in-Japan Project” of the city of Toyohashi. By joining the Bell Mark program, which is managed by a Japanese educational support foundation to provide fund for local schools, the plant collects Bell Marks as well as used ink and toner cartridges that are exchangeable into Bell Marks to help schools buy educational materials. In addition, sorting work of collected Bell Marks has provided opportunities of practical training for children with disabilities.

Participation in the TABLE FOR TWO Program

   Since February 2018, the Toyo Seikan Group has participated in the TABLE FOR TWO program at its headquarters building cafeteria. Buying one meal of the specific healthy menu automatically makes a donation of 20 yen for one meal of a child in developing countries. This activity also includes the exhibition of display panels to provide information for employees.

Donation of Disaster Supplies to Food Bank

   The head office, Osaka Plant and Komaki Plant of Tokan Material Technology donated disaster supplies they had stored in case of emergency to a food bank. Donated items will be provided to welfare facilities and nonprofit organizations that offer food to people in need of support.

Display Panel to Indicate AED-Installed Facility

   Komaki Plant of Tokan Material Technology has displayed a panel at the side of the main gate to inform that the plant has installed AED units in its site, and established a cooperative scheme to allow residents in the surrounding area or people passing by to use the AED units in case of emergency. The plant has also been registered on the Aichi AED Map since 2016.

Blood Donation Activity Continues

   Nippon Closures conducts blood donation every year to cooperate with the Japan Red Cross Society in its blood donation programs for eliminating the ongoing shortage of blood for transfusion. There were a total of 95 donors during FY2017 from the head office and Ishioka, Hiratsuka, Komaki and Okayama plants. The company will continue its cooperation in blood donation as a simple way of social contribution.

Award for Promoting Young People’s Learning through Practical Experience

   On March 1, 2018, Toyo Glass was given a prize in the ceremony of the award, managed by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, for companies that promote young people’s practical experience as part of their social contribution activities. The company won the judging committee’s Encouraging Prize (in the large enterprise category) with a high evaluation for a practical experience opportunity of “3Rs” (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) the company has provided to encourage eco-friendly activities.

Cleaning the Site of Monumental Cherry Tree:Shokawa Sakura

   On May 20, 2017, T&T Enertechno cleaned up the site of a monumental old cherry tree, Shokawa Sakura. The tree, which is estimated to be over 400 years old, was transplanted before a village was submerged by a dam with a suggestion by Tatsunosuke Takasaki, the founder of Toyo Seikan. After picking up garbage, participants also weeded out the area.

Gourmet Event to Support Restoration of Tohoku and Kumamoto Regions

   On October 3, 2017, the Toyo Seikan Group held a gourmet event, “Marché for Restoration of Tohoku and Kumamoto” at its headquarters building. The event has been held since 2016 to expand marketing channels and revitalize industries in the disaster-stricken areas. This year, the event was very successful as various foods and locally brewed sake were sold. The Group will continue to support the restoration of the regions.

Ranked AA in Japan Habitat Evaluation and Certification Program

   In the yard area around its headquarters building, the Toyo Seikan Group has created a “forest in an urban environment” that forms part of a greenery network with its surrounding area. In March 2017, the yard space was ranked AA in the Japan Habitat Evaluation and Certification Program, which quantitatively assesses efforts to preserve and restore biodiversity. The open space offers local citizens a relaxation place with beautiful scenery that changes from season to season.

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