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The Toyo Seikan Group endeavors to develop and provide products, systems and services that cater to the needs of its customers and wider society, through the effective utilization of experience, technologies and know-how accumulated over many years in the industry.

Quality Assurance System

Quality Assurance System

   The Toyo Seikan Group’s quality assurance systems are managed by each group company in their business operations. To be worthy of customers’ trust, the group companies focus on the Group’s business spirit of “high quality”, “reasonable prices” and “swift delivery”, the mottos that the Group has had since its foundation, and engage in efforts to maintain and improve product quality that meets requirements of the times through all operational processes including development, procurement, manufacturing, sales and service provision.

Quality Assurance System

事業会社の品質マネジメント組織   Quality management organizations at each operating company.
   Each operating company of the Toyo Seikan Group has established its own quality management organization to improve the quality management level.

Constructing Management Systems

   Each of the Group’s operating companies has established a quality management system in accordance with the ISO9001 standard, and is working to ensure and improve product quality. Companies engaging in manufacturing and sales of food containers have been building up food safety management systems in line with the FSSC22000 standard, in order to provide safe and reliable products and to increase customer satisfaction across the Group’s entire food chain.

Initiatives at Business Companies

Individual operation of management systems   With regard to the systems for quality management (ISO9001), environmental management (ISO14001) and food safety management (FSSC22000), Toyo Seikan acquired the certification for multiple system operation in the integrated assessment of management systems in July 2013, and Toyo Glass in January 2015.
   Through management system integration, the Group has now reduced overlaps in work duties and shifted its focus from individual optimization to overall optimization to create a combined, more ”lively” system that integrates our management systems with actual business activities, and will promote manufacturing that is able to gain customers’ trust.

Technology Development Initiatives

   To increase trust and satisfaction of customers, the Group is engaged in research and development efforts to develop products, technologies, systems and services with high added-value to fulfill the diversifying needs in the packaging and container market. The Group is also working to create new markets and new businesses by utilizing both newly developed technologies and existing technologies accumulated over many years.

Technology Development Framework

   Collaborative efforts to develop technologies are continued across the Group by technical development-related divisions of Toyo Seikan Group Holdings, including the Corporate R & D, the company’s basic research and development unit, and technical development divisions of the Group’s operating companies, including Toyo Seikan’s Technical Center, Toyo Kohan’s R&D Center, Tokan Kogyo’s Technology Development Division, Nippon Closures’ Technical Development Center, Toyo Glass’s Development Division and Mebius Packaging’s Research & Development Department.

Introduce DNA Chip Kit to the Governor of Yamaguchi Pref.

   Toyo Kohan introduced its “Gene Silicon DNA Chip Kit UGT1A1” to Mr. Tsugumasa Muraoka, Governor of Yamaguchi, when he visited Kudamatsu Plant. The product was developed using a subsidy from Yamaguchi prefecture to support industrial research and development activities. Leveraging Toyo Kohan’s proprietary materials and surface-processing technologies, the kit is designed to predict the risk of side effects of Irinotecan, an anticancer drug. Mr. Muraoka highly evaluated the product, which was developed solely by entities in the prefecture, stating that it would contribute to new medical treatments in the future. Toyo Kohan’s genetic analysis kit will support the establishment of Precision Medicine, the world’s new trend in healthcare.

Process from analysis to judgment using the gene analysis kit with DNA chips
Major Design Change of Work Wear

   Toyo Seikan fully changed its work wear design at the time of its 100th anniversary. From the viewpoint of food safety, whose importance has been increasing year by year, the company focuses more on preventing foreign particles from entering products to establish more reliable manufacturing environment for its customers. At the same time, the company aims to create a more worker-friendly environment with this design change. The new work wear uses a breathable, highly-absorbent and quick-drying material to allow workers to wear more comfortably, and a stretch material for easy action.

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