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Respect for Employees : Health and Productivity Management

We understand that employees’ health is one of our management issues. In September 2017 we released the Toyo Seikan Group Health Management Declaration for maintaining and enhancing the health of employees.

Toyo Seikan Group Health Management Declaration

To realize its management policy of “We will constantly create new and innovative values, aspire to achieve a sustainable society and contribute to people’s happiness”, the Toyo Seikan Group hereby declares that it will proactively pursue the promotion of health management. We strongly believe that it is of utmost importance that our employees, who represent our most valuable asset, can maintain their physical and mental health, work with energy, and fully demonstrate their individual abilities.

The employees will endeavor to manage and improve their own health, while the company supports their health enhancement and creates a comfortable and pleasant work environment.

Ichio Otsuka President and Representative Director

2022 Outstanding Enterprise in Health and Productivity Management

In March 2022, seven of the group companies (Toyo Seikan Group Holdings, Toyo Seikan, Toyo Kohan, Tokan Kogyo, Nippon Closures, Toyo Glass and Mebius Packaging) were certified as 2022 Outstanding Enterprises in Health and Productivity Management in the large enterprise category of the certification program managed by the Nippon Kenko Kaigi and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Among the seven, Toyo Seikan Group Holdings and Toyo Seikan were also recognized as White 500, a certification given to the top 500 enterprises. Meanwhile, TOMATEC, Nippon National Seikan, and Ryukyu Seikan Kaisha were certified in the small and midsized business category.

The Group’s Health Management Promotion Framework

We implement key measures to maintain and improve employees’ health by driving health management under the supervision of the Group’s operating officer in charge of human resources, cooperating closely with the occupational health promotion team, which consists of occupational health physicians and nurses and health-and-safety managers.

Health Management Promotion Framework
Organizational structure for health management promotion

In order to implement the Group’s Health Management Declaration, we have established a framework to promote health management.

The Group Occupational Health Committee, which consists of health-and-safety managers and occupational health staff members, leads the Group’s health related activities from both the perspectives of management and employees of group companies. In July 2020, the committee held a conference with an external lecturer to discuss and share how to navigate the post-COVID-19 environment or the period of coexisting with the coronavirus. In the first half of the conference, with executives from group companies attending, the members discussed how to address health issues in line with changes in work practices. The second session focused on key points in maintaining employees’ health and implementing occupational health management under the pandemic. Since successful health management requires high level commitment, many management members across the Group joined the discussion to enhance their understanding of health management promotion.

Establishing Group’s Common Health Management Indicator

We have set a health management indicator for the entire group based on the health management surveys conducted by the six primary group companies in order to identify health-related issues in the Group. The indicator is used as a target for the three years from fiscal 2021 to implement the Group’s personnel policy. The indicator has been determined through the discussion of the Group Occupational Health Committee and approved by the Group Health Management Promotion Meeting. We will promote health management using the PDCA cycle approach to planning, taking measures, evaluating results and reviewing next steps.

FY2021 Group Common Indicator

70% or more of the workers maintain an appropriate body weight for the sake of preventing lifestyle diseases from occurring or becoming serious.(Target for three years to FY2024)

Group-Wide Quit Smoking Program

In September 2017, as part of our initiatives to maintain and enhance employees’ health, we launched a campaign to “achieve a complete smoke-free workplace during work hours for all domestic facilities,” and the campaign has been expanding among domestic group companies.

They are actively taking measures to prevent passive smoking and to help employees quit smoking. Such measures include gradual removal of smoking spots in plants and offices and financial aid to use smoking cessation outpatient services. In addition, we provide various useful information through messages from the occupational health nurses using the intranet and the company letters as well as with posters to encourage smokers to stop smoking.

Purposes of encouraging quit-smoking

  • Prevent health damage from secondhand smoke
  • Top priority on employee health

Quit-smoking support

Group companies and several health insurance associations in the Group have taken measures to help employees quit smoking, including financial aid to use smoking cessation outpatient services, drugs to help stop smoking, and incentives for those who achieved quitting. These measures encourage smokers to increase their willingness to face the challenge.

The mascot of the
Toyo Seikan Group’s
quit-smoking support

Online Seminar for Stretching Exercises

With the COVID-19 pandemic urging people stay home and working from home, Toyo Seikan held four sessions of an online stretching exercise seminar, with each session setting different objectives, to help employees improve and prevent stiff shoulders and lower back pain caused by staying at home as well as to encourage them to exercise more. Executive directors who joined the program in person learned the points of stretching exercise from the instructor and showed the learners attending online how to do an exercise that is simple and can be done while sitting. For continuous exercises after the seminar, the video of the seminar is distributed on the intranet. The company will continue to help employees prevent sickness, improve their physical condition and establish an exercise habit.

Seminar to Be a Better Sleeper

In November 2020, we invited an external lecturer to hold a webinar on how to sleep better. Approximately 360 employees from across group companies attended and learned points of good sleep, including basic knowledge about sleep and practical methods to have a good night’s sleep. The average usefulness score shown in the post-seminar questionnaire was as high as 97%. At a later date, sleep apnea syndrome (SAS) testing was also conducted for 200 voluntary participants for better understanding of their own sleep issues. Based on the test results, they were given sleep counseling and referrals to medical providers as follow-up.

SAS testing

Mental Health Seminar

Mebius Packaging held a mental health seminar (the “self-care” version) in February 2021, which was attended by 110 employees in assistant manager or higher positions.

The seminar was successfully conducted online, connecting all plants and offices, to prevent COVID-19 infection. The lecturer discussed “the importance of mental health measures in the workplace” and “the risk of lifestyle diseases caused by sleep disorders.” The participants understood that establishing healthy daily habits with a good rhythm and routine is an important self-care method to have a better sleep.

Seminar on Cervical Cancer Prevention

In October 2020, Toyo Glass held a seminar on the cervical cancer, a health problem specific to women. The program discussed the danger of cervical cancer and provided information on the provision of testing kits to diagnose human papillomavirus infection, which can lead to cervical cancer. The seminar was conducted online, with 51 people attending through a video conference system connecting plants and offices. The cervical cancer is the only preventable cancer, and the right knowledge can help prevent the disease and detect it at an early stage. We will continue to enhance the health literacy of our members through various activities like this seminar going forward.

Health Seminar for Working Women

In October 2020, Toyo Seikan and Mebius Packaging jointly held an online seminar on "Life stage and health of working women." The occupational health staff member at the Group’s headquarters lectured on women-specific health issues that vary by age and life stage, and the participants learned the importance of preventing diseases and detecting them earlier as well as understanding potential risks for better self-management of health. Correct knowledge should help women improve their career plans and work performance. We will continue to advance our efforts to create a workplace where women can play an active role while staying in good health.

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