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We will create a safe, clean and vibrant workplace.

   “People” are the key driving force of the Toyo Seikan Group’s continuous efforts to contribute to the happiness and prosperity of mankind. We aim to create a workplace in which every employee can always work with vitality and pride.

Human Resource Development / Health and Safety Activities

Coordinated Human Resource Development across the Group

   The Toyo Seikan Group has been conducting cross-company training programs within the group for human resource development. The collective educational programs commonly provided for group members include the Logical Thinking Training Program for younger generations, managers training programs for newly assigned general managers, managers and assistant managers, and the Technical Leaders Program (TLP) for younger employees in technical divisions selected based on the perspective of management of technology (MOT). Through these programs, the Group has been cultivating the sense of unity across group companies and establishing a group-wide human network. As to employees’ self-education, a financial support system has been established to reimburse those who completed a correspondence course for the full amount of the course fee; in fiscal 2017, there were 3,313 applications in total across the group. The Group also offers a financial aid program to pay the full amount of TOEIC test fee to promote language skill enhancement efforts.
   Meanwhile, in order to foster its next-generation leaders, the Group has been implementing core personnel management for general managers and managers of key group companies that focuses on “finding, training and allocating” human resources. Selected candidates attend the Next-Generation Management Training Program designed for general managers or the Toyo Seikan Group Business College (TSGBC) designed for managers. Through the training, the participants gain “knowledge” on management and establish the “core” as a leader, engaging in drawing up business plans and proposals to management. After completing the courses, they are provided with opportunities to take significant roles in various fields.
   With these various personnel training opportunities, the Group has been actively engaging in the establishment of its human resource base.

Group-wide Common Educational Training Framework

Group-wide internal training programs (FY2017)

Comments from participants in TSGBC
   During the one year of TSGBC, I learned knowledge on management, including corporate strategy, financing, accounting and financial analysis, while joining team projects to perform competitor analysis and address our own issues. Although I was painfully made aware of my lack of knowledge on management, the days of struggle for acquiring knowledge appeared to extend my limit to some extent, and I gained satisfaction from this experience.
   In team projects, I met various leaders from research, development, sales and administrative divisions, with extremely diverse personalities. While actively exchanging opinions, having exciting discussions and together tackling issues, I encountered different perspectives and ideas about our companies. The teammates are my lifetime treasure. I will take advantage of my experience in this training program and make efforts to contribute to the Group’s growth and expansion.

Global Human Resources Management

   The Toyo Seikan Group has 128 employees currently posted abroad at 42 overseas business locations, primarily in countries such as Thailand and China.
   To develop human resources that can make active contributions globally towards the further development and expansion of its overseas business operations, the Group provides language learning support for its employees, and conducts training for its overseas employees in Japan.

Overseas locations: 42 / Employees posted overseas: 128

More Diversified Human Resources

   In order for the Toyo Seikan Group to enhance its competitiveness and continue its development over the long term, every employee is required to make full use of his or her own abilities to achieve individual growth while contributing to the Group’s growth. We run diversity management initiatives to become an organization in which everyone respects each other’s personalities and abilities, and leverages diverse values, ideas and findings for good achievement.

Promotion of Women’s Active Participation

   From 2018, the Group set the target ratio of female recruits at 30% or more of all recruits, including production line staff. With introduction of AI technologies, automation and labor-assistance equipment at production facilities, we aim to create a workplace that is comfortable for women to work, which is also comfortable for everyone, resulting in a productive work environment.

Support for Achieving a Balance between Work and Child/Elderly Care

   The Group has been enhancing its support system for employees to strike a balance between work and child/elderly care, which provides more support than legally required.
   Toyo Seikan has been encouraging employees to take childcare leave, by paying for part of the leave, regardless of the gender of the applicant. This has prompted more male employees to take the leave; 14 of 22 employees who took childcare leave in FY2017 were male employees.

NCC Farm Launched

   In May 2017, Nippon Closures opened a farm called “NCC Farm” inside the Work Happiness Farm in Ichihara-shi, Chiba. Currently, four employees, including persons with disabilities, are working to grow fresh vegetables in the new farm, experiencing trials and errors. Harvested vegetables are sent to the company’s head office and Hiratsuka Plant to be distributed to employees. The vegetables are so popular that many people can hardly wait for their arrival.

The Group’s Health and Safety Activities

   The Group has been making efforts to create a workplace where all employees can work safely, healthily and with peaceful mind.

One Million Hours of Operation without Accidents

   In an effort to eliminate disasters and accidents through raising safety awareness and enhancing teamwork, Tokan Kogyo gives an award to the plants that achieved “one million hours of operation without accidents.” In 2017, Osaka Plant achieved it in January, Shizuoka Plant in February, and Komaki Plant in September. These results were accomplished with persistent efforts made by every employee at the plants with high safety awareness.

Awarded by Shanghai City for Achieving Harmonious Labor Relationship

   Toyo Kohan Shanghai Co., Ltd. was selected as a company that achieved the Harmonious Labor Relationship in Shanghai and awarded by Shanghai City. The company won the award for the third time, with the previous two awards from the Changning District of the city. Since its foundation in 2009, the company has been focusing on establishing a good relationship with its stakeholders, complying with rules and improving work environment, and believes that the award was granted since these efforts were recognized. The company will continue to attach great importance to being a workplace that is comfortable for employees and has no labor dispute, maintaining good communication with employees.

Family Day of Tokan Kogyo’s Head Office
   In August 2017, Tokan Kogyo conducted its first Family Day. Participating family members visited the Package Museum and the Innovation Gallery in the headquarters building to feel close to products of the Group. They also had a valuable experience of visiting office space, in which children learned the environment of the place where their moms and dads work every day. There was a lively conversation afterwards, and children exchanged name cards for the first time with President Kiyoyasu Takasaki.

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