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Developing and offering products and services that support various lifestyles

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Developing and offering products and services that support various lifestyles

Caps developed with universal design concepts

Packaging containers are used every day and everywhere in our lives, and this is exactly why they should never be a burden on anyone, mentally or physically. To create a product that many people can comfortably use, we need to understand consumers' lifestyles, the ways they use products, and the issues they face, and incorporate universal design perspectives specific to packaging into product design.

Nippon Closures, a supplier of caps indispensable for sealing filled containers, has developed and provided various products that suit diverse lifestyles and needs of consumers. The companyʼs offerings include: an easy-to-open pouch cap with an outer ring that is easy to grip to open and close; a hinged cap with a non-drip valve that are molded as an integral part of the cap, achieving both superior drip prevention and lower production cost; and Maxi Cap, an easy-to-open cap that is opened by pulling its ring tab and tearing it off, which is still used for many products.

Easy-to-open pouch cap (left);
Hinged cap with a non-drip valve (right)
Maxi Cap

Expanding applications of aerosol products to meet diversified consumer needs

Toyo Aerosol Industry produces hair dye spray containers using its proprietary technology, DUAL (Double-Bag Ultimate Aerosol), which allows two separate contents to be simultaneously emitted with a single push. The company has recently developed the DUAL Fine Mist System, which generates an extremely fine mist by spraying an undiluted liquid and a liquefied gas together, seeking new applications of the technology beyond hair dye products. There are also several products under development and ongoing research on contents, including a foam-type powerful cleaning agent containing natural cleaning ingredients and a foam-type toilet cleaning agent. We will continue with these R&D activities in broad areas to meet diverse needs of consumers.

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