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Quality Assurance & Technology Development

Quality Assurance System

We are engaged in quality assurance activities across the group companies according to our quality assurance principles, which focus on i) providing customers and the society with products, systems and services that are safe and reliable, and ii) implementing social activities necessary for a corporate group that deserves the trust of customers and the society. In April 2019, Toyo Seikan Group Holdings established the Quality Administration Department to further reduce quality risk for the entire group. With our motto “High Quality, Reasonable Prices and Swift Delivery,” which we have been following since the founding of the Group, we continue with our efforts to earn customer trust by maintaining and improving quality levels that meet requirements of the times throughout our operational processes, including development, procurement, manufacturing, sales and service provision.

Quality Management Organizations at Operating Companies

Our operating companies have established their own quality management organizations to improve the level of quality control.

Company name Organization
Toyo Seikan Central Integrated Management System Committee
Toyo Kohan Quality Management Committee
Tokan Kogyo Central Quality Committee
Nippon Closures Quality Assurance Department
Toyo Glass Integrated Management System Committee
Mebius Packaging Central Integrated Management System Committee

Construction of Management System

Each operating company in the Group has constructed a quality management system for maintaining and improving the quality of products and services in accordance with the ISO9001 standards. Among them, companies manufacturing and selling food containers have also built food safety management systems based on the FSSC22000 standards, in order to provide safer products and to increase reliability in the food chain. Toyo Seikan, Toyo Glass and Mebius Packaging, in particular, have established a TMS (Total Management System), which integrates the three systems of quality management, food safety management and environmental management (ISO14001 standards-based). The system integration allows the companies to reduce overlaps in operations and expand their focus from sub-optimization to total optimization. Using the dynamic system that links their management systems closely with actual business activities, they have been promoting manufacturing that provides customers with reliability.

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Individual operation of management systems

Kaizen Activities at Tokan Kogyo

In 2020, Tokan Kogyo started a new initiative, (“No More Waste at Work!”) to identify and eliminate wasted expenses and processes in the workplace. Through a thorough review of the current operations and an active discussion, they have found a total of 195 cases of wasted money and work, and then began activities to improve work processes and increase efficiency by removing unnecessary equipment, changing the floor layout for most efficient transportation, standardizing the inspection procedures to reduce time needed, and conducting skill training programs to reduce improper machine readjustments.

The details of activities at individual plants and departments are shared among all employees through the company’s bulletin board.

KAIZEN at Next Can Innovation

Next Can Innovation (NCI) has entered the third year of its KAIZEN program, launched in December 2018 to increase employees’ awareness of self-sufficiency for advancing individual skills and to improve work efficiency for higher profitability.

Under the slogan “Change For Good,” the program encourages each employee to submit at least three proposals a year, and the year 2020 saw a total of 754 submissions. The company holds a presentation meeting to share the results once a year, and awards prizes to those who made an outstanding achievement and to most frequent submitters. In 2020, the company registered for the Thailand KAIZEN AWARD 2020 and successfully participated in the final competition.

In addition to NCI, other group companies in Thailand are also actively engaged in KAIZEN activities on a regular basis.

Technology Development Initiatives

To increase trust and satisfaction of customers, we are engaged in research and development efforts to develop products, technologies, systems and services with high added-value to fulfill the diversifying needs in the packaging and container market. We are also working to create new markets and new businesses by utilizing both newly developed technologies and existing technologies accumulated over many years.

Technology Development Framework

Our technology development activities are conducted with cooperation between the Corporate R&D, the basic research and development unit of Toyo Seikan Group Holdings, and technical development departments of group companies.

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