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Respect for Employees : Toyo Seikan Group Personnel Policy

The Toyo Seikan Group provides packaging containers and services that meet social needs, and contributes to global environment protection, thereby aiming to accomplish its Management Policy (“We will constantly create new and innovative values, aspire to achieve a sustainable society and contribute to people’s happiness”). To achieve the goals, it will establish a human resource base that supports the Group’s sustainable growth, to allow both individuals and companies to develop together.

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Management Policy We will constantly create new and innovative values, aspire to achieve a sustainable society and contribute to people’s happiness.

To implement its personnel policy, the Group focuses on the following four key pillars: achievement of self-sustaining growth(Human resource development), co-creation of diverse talent, work style reform, and health and productivity management.

1) Achievement of self-sustaining growth (Human resource development)

To help its employees maintain their self-growth efforts and continue to meet new challenges, the Group provides them with opportunities for growth through rotation and reassignment, training programs, and self-education support activities.

2) Co-creation of diverse talent

For continuous innovation and new value creation, we need a corporate culture which allows each employee to respect others’ personalities and play a significant role by capitalizing on diversity. To that end, the Group continues to develop diverse human resources and provide career paths for them, regardless of nationality, gender or past experiences.

3) Work style reform

The Group attaches importance to a work style reform to enable each employee to achieve results in regular working hours with awareness of higher productivity. Through the reform, the Group aims to achieve work-life balance and become a corporate group in which every employee can feel rewarded and fulfilled.

4) Health and productivity management

Under the policy that places a first priority on employees’ health, the Group aims to create a workplace where everyone can work in good health and with energy.

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