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Respect for Employees : Human Resource Development

Coordinated Human Resource Development across the Group

We have been engaged in human resource development in a group-wide effort. Our educational programs include the Logical Thinking Training Program for younger generations; the Managers Training Programs for newly assigned general managers, managers and assistant managers; and the Technical Leaders Program (TLP) for younger technical leaders selected based on the perspective of Management of Technology (MOT). Through these cross-company programs, we have been encouraging personal exchanges to cultivate the sense of unity across group members and establish a group-wide human network.

To assist employees in their self-development activities, a financial support system has been established to reimburse those who completed a correspondence course for the full amount of the course fee; in fiscal 2021, there were a total of 3,443 applications (up 86 from the previous year) across the group. We also offer a financial aid program to pay the full amount of TOEIC test fee to promote language skill enhancement efforts.

Meanwhile, in order to foster our next-generation leaders, we conduct the Next-Generation Management Training Program and the Toyo Seikan Group Business College (TSGBC) for general managers and managers, respectively, of key group companies. Through these programs, attendees are expected to gain “knowledge” on management and establish the “core” as a leader.

In fiscal 2021, we launched a group-wide periodic recruitment system for new college graduates*. Enhancing cooperation among group companies in fostering talent, we are advancing our efforts to establish a strong human resource base through various opportunities for human resource development.

  • *The group-wide recruitment system covers seven group companies: Toyo Seikan Group Holdings, Toyo Seikan, Toyo Kohan, Tokan Kogyo, Nippon Closures, Toyo Glass and Mebius Packaging.

Group-wide Common Educational Training Framework

  • *This chart is scrolled
Group-wide Common Educational Training Framework

Group-wide internal training programs (FY2021)

Category Program Study period Participants
Programs for
selected candidates
Next-Gen. Management Training (9th) 3 months (online) in FY2021
*4 months (on-site) in FY2022
20 Total number of
participants: 347
TSGBC (9th, First-Half) 3 months (6 days of sessions)
*The second-half program will be conducted in FY2022.
TLP (14th) 8 months (14 days of sessions) 29
Programs for
specific positions
Training for new general managers (3 sessions) 2 nights and 3 days (approx. 28 hours) / session 38
Training for new managers (7 sessions) 2 nights and 3 days (approx. 25 hours) / session 83
Training for new assistant managers (7 sessions) 2 nights and 3 days (approx. 23 hours) / session 98
Logical Thinking Training (4 sessions) 2 nights and 3 days (approx. 19 hours) / session 59

Global Human Resources Management

The Toyo Seikan Group has 92 employees currently posted abroad at 50 overseas business locations, primarily in countries such as Thailand and China. To develop human resources that can make active contributions globally towards the further development and expansion of its overseas business operations, the Group provides language learning support for its employees, and conducts training for its overseas employees in Japan.

Overseas locations: 50
Employees posted overseas: 92

Country/Region No. of locations No. of posted employees
Thailand 8 42
China 13 18
United States 7 6
Indonesia 3 6
Malaysia 1 5
Turkey 1 4
Germany 2 3
Other countries 15 8

As of April 1, 2022
* The 50 companies above represent all group companies abroad, including consolidated and non-consolidated subsidiaries and affiliates.

The 2nd Project in Makuake Challenge

To enhance the development of new businesses and human resources for the Group, we took on a program organized together with Makuake Corporation to foster next-generation management leaders capable of drawing up a project from product planning to commercialization. In 2021, the second year, the program was joined by 15 members across the group. They were organized into four teams to create individual project plans. In the planning process, they focused not just on technologies and products, but on markets as well, which gave them a great insight into “connecting consumer needs with the significance of Toyo Seikan Group’s duties.”

Our next issue is to apply the knowledge the members gained through the challenge to actual operations. We will support highly motivated employees so that this activity will have a positive impact on existing businesses and the entire group.

The 2nd Training Program for Next-Generation Leaders

TOMATEC has been implementing various initiatives by clearly defining the ideal personnel for the company. As part of its efforts, the company conducted the 2nd Next-Generation Leader Training Program. The objectives of the training are 1) to develop next-generation leaders who will serve as core members in the workplace, and 2) to provide an opportunity for prospective leaders to learn leadership mindset, logical thinking and problem-solving techniques and to master the abilities through actual operations. During a year of training, the ten attendees tackled issues in their workplaces, and presented their findings at the final report meeting.

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