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Supporting food “safety and security” for 100 years,
we now offer the food hygiene management technology and knowhow we have cultivated over a long period of time
to everyone involved in “food”.

Features and usage of food tests involving the GENOGATE chip (DNA chip)

Fast Low-cost Accurate Multiple targets

Most suitable for food material tests
You can accurately identify micro-organisms that are hidden in the material and have a high potential to cause harm to human health and food safety in a short time. Regarding fungi tests in particular, it is possible to identify them in less than half the time necessary for the conventional method. It is also an excellent testing method in terms of operational efficiency and economics, because you can test multiple targets simultaneously, making it possible to quickly confirm that there are no target bacteria that can cause adverse effects before you purchase them.
Identifying the cause when a problem occurs
When you want to identify the problematic spot in the production line, it is a very effective screening tool that can test multiple points of the production line to find the cause. Usually it takes a lot of time and effort to identify the bacteria that caused a problem, because you have to follow the process of sampling and isolation culture assuming a number of potential causes. The DNA chip method allows you to collect the data necessary to identify the cause in a speedy and easy manner because it can test for multiple fungi simultaneously.
Risk analysis for prevention
With respect to environmental hygiene management of a production line, from the prevention point of view, it is desirable to monitor/test multiple points continuously to see if there are any problems. However, it is unrealistic to do because if you use the culture method, you have to divide one sample to be grown on a number of media for the selective culture process and sequence spending a lot of time and money. The DNA chip method is useful as a monitoring tool because it can test for multiple target fungi simultaneously.
Tests of the final product
At the time of final random tests, you can ensure the food safety & security in an effective manner because it allows you to carry out simultaneous tests without preparing a number of media.

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