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The most important point for fungi contamination control
are “prevention” and “identification of cause.”
The food hygiene management technologies we have cultivated
over a long period of time help you to realize food “safety and security” from a totally new perspective.

Outline of GENOGATE fungi tests

What is important in fungi contamination measures is to carry out “screening tests” to find out which kinds of fungi are present.

GENOGATEカビ検査 First of all, instead of identifying fungal species, we categorized 637 kinds of fungi that may cause food contamination into three types, i.e., xerophilous, drought resistant, and hygrophilous, according to the respective fungal characteristics utilizing our technology accumulated over a long period of continual research on food safety and security. We have also classified them into 32 categories based on their attributes. Then we support formulation of concrete measures based on their characteristics. In other words, we will achieve food safety and security based on a concept of prioritizing prevention measures. In order to realize this concept, we introduced a “high-accuracy DNA chip,” a top-level product in the industry, developed by one of our group companies (Toyo Kohan) establishing the first DNA chip-based fungi test system in the food testing industry. In terms of system composition, we prepared a testing kit that contains the DNA chip (GENOGATE chip) and a detection machine (GENOGATE reader) for detection and analysis; therefore, even someone without professional knowledge of testing can perform the test without difficulty. If you also want to identify the usual fungal species after the DNA tests, you need to do morphologic observation or gene identification; however, since the target fungal species have been screened down, you can identify them within a short time.

High identification performance
We conducted environmental monitoring verification tests; and using the approximately 466 fungal strains we collected thus, we compared the results of the conventional method, morphologic identification, as well as the results of this testing method using the DNA chip. We were able to obtain a similar level of identification results that are as good as morphologic identification by experts. (outsourced to: Center of Fungal Consultation)

High identification performance

Fungal testing kit (20 reactions per kit)

① Primer mix
② dNTP mix
③ Hybridization buffer
⑤ Hybridization cover

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