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GENOGATE reader(A dedicated detection machine for GENOGATE chips)

  • High-resolution reading of 450,000 pixels makes high accuracy of measurements possible.
  • It is designed in such way that driving parts are minimized as much as possible, resulting in fewer cases of machine trouble.
  • At the time of laser radiation, the interlocking mechanism ensures high level of safety.
  • Compact design with a particular emphasis on the operational environment.

Since it is a fluorescence detection machine dedicated for the GENOGATE chip, the GENOGATE reader automatically recognizes the DNA chip spots by its unique algorithm and image processing, and can read one shot in as little time as approximately 10 seconds, achieving top-of-the-class detection speed. In addition, cooled CCD camera enables measurement with very low noise. Thanks to its compact design, you can utilize the testing space effectively. The results of the analysis will be saved as a CSV file that allows you to use dedicated data management software to manage them in a unified manner. Since the GENOGATE reader is designed in such a way that all operations are performed on the control software, there are no cumbersome operations of the main body of the machine.

GENOTATE reader Draw out the DNA chip setting stage and set the GENOGATE chip along the guide.
GENOGATE reader control software
The control software can analyzes the chip set in the main body of the detection machine. All the operations of the main detection machine can be done by this software. This software establishes inspector authorization and manager authorization as part of the user management functions to ensure strict information control over the analytical data. The detected data are also automatically sorted as analytical data and saved in CSV file format. The process from detection to analysis can be done in as little time as a few minutes.

Control screen Operational buttons

GENOGATE reader data management software
By using the data management software, you can uniformly manage every file created at the time of analysis as sample-by-sample information database. You can manage/register them easily by dragging the file to the designated area on respective registration screen. In addition, any management information (sampling information, sample image, etc) prepared by the user side can be registered in a similar manner. In this way, the fungal test situations of the targeted management area can be handled as a database allowing you to utilize it for the purpose of prevention measures, hygiene management, and so on.

data management software

Specifications of the GENOGATE reader

Size Width: 254 mm, Height: 262 mm, Depth: 340 mm
Weight Approximately 10 kg
Utility AC100V 50/60Hz
Environmental conditions Temperature: 10-30°C (separate consultation required for cold region)
Humidity: 35-70% (RH) No dew condensation
For indoor use only
Cooled CCD camera Image pixel size: 772 x 580 (450,000 pixels)
Laser source Red semiconductor laser: Class 3B (parallel light)
Wavelength: 640 nm
Laser power: 8 mW (CW)
Parallel light beam diameter: φ5.5 mm
Fluorescent filter Band-pass: 692 nm ± 40nm
Lens Lens type: Compact lens
Focal length: 25 mm
Aperture value: 2.0
Interface Notebook computer for control (OS: Windows Japanese version / USB connection)
● Consumables
Type: tube type
Rated voltage: 250 V
Rated current: 2A
Rupturing capacity: 0.1 kA
Time-current characteristics: Type B without lead wire
Size: φ5.2 x 20 mm
Self-testing piece
Material: Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene plate
Size: 24mm x 24mm x 4.9mm
● Compatible standards
Disturbance field strength: Compatible standards CISPR11 Class A
Power terminal disturbance voltage: Compatible standards CISPR11 Class A
Laser structure assessment: JIS C 6802: 2014 Class 1 laser product
● Safety specifications
Safety specifications: Safety interlocking mechanism is installed in this device to prevent the risk of radiation by the laser beam
● Warranty clause
  • Concerning this product, we don’t provide technical support for testing or measurement results using other protocols than that prescribed in this manual.
  • We do not take responsibility whatsoever for any issues arising from measurement of the test result.
  • We do not extend the warranty to any third parties that use this machine, for example, transfer/licensing or any other methods regardless of whether it was free or paid.
● Disclaimer
  • We do not take responsibility for any damage caused to the customer using this product (including any damage such as indirect damage, special damage, lost profits, etc.).
  • We reserve the right to change the specifications of this product, etc., without advance notice.

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