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Sustainability Management of Toyo Seikan Group

The Toyo Seikan Group has established “Management Philosophy of Toyo Seikan Group” in 2016.
Under this Management Philosophy serving as the Group’s common direction, we will exercise our collective power, looking to the next 100 years.

Management Philosophy of Toyo Seikan Group

Management Philosophy of Toyo Seikan Group Management Policy We will constantly create new and innovative values, aspire to achieve a sustainable society and contribute to people’s happiness. Creed We will honor dignity and always strive to be fair and unbiased in every way. All of us will fully demonstrate our own strengths and expertise, and contribute to social prosperity while we grow and thrive as an individual, a corporation or a group. Vision We will aim to become the Group which can provide unique and innovative technologies and products that will meet global expectations.

Fundamental Principles of Toyo Seikan

In 1933, our founder Tatsunosuke Takasaki clearly stated our founding philosophy as the fundamental principles in the handbook “The Mission of Toyo Seikan,” which was distributed to shareholders, employees, and partners in the industry. Since then, we have fulfilled our duties based on the principles. This is the origin of Sustainability activities of the Toyo Seikan Group.

  1. 1.Our aim is to achieve results that bring happiness to mankind.
  2. 2.We shall work not just for profit, which is merely a result of our business activities and not the main purpose.
  3. 3.All of us shall have a spirit of service to fulfill our respective duties and demonstrate the spirit as the entire organization, striving for the prosperity of our business partners in the same way as for our own success.

Toyo Seikan Group CSR Policy

The Toyo Seikan Group defines CSR as “continuous contribution to the happiness and prosperity of mankind through fair and honest business activities.” All employees of the Group understand its CSR commitment and work for all stakeholders.

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All stakeholders We will respect basic human rights and diversity of people, and communicate and act sincerely.

Sustainability Promotion Framework of Toyo Seikan Group

In April 2022, we established the Sustainability Department, which has responsibility for internal and external communication and public relations in addition to environmental and CSR issues. As a key organization for implementing corporate strategies, the new department will drive group-wide sustainability initiatives to ensure the continuity and development of society and our business.

We also established the Group Sustainability Committee for sustainability management in operations across the Group. The committee, chaired by the president of Toyo Seikan Group Holdings and attended by presidents of major group companies, meets once a year in principle. The issues discussed by the committee are reported to the Executive Management Committee and the Management Strategy Committee, as appropriate, to be reflected in our corporate strategies. The committee’s activities are also immediately reported to the Board of Directors to be supervised by the board.

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Toyo Seikan Group Holdings, Ltd.

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