Closer to each person.
Always with the Earth.

In the midst of seeking various forms of happiness and abundance, Toyo Seikan Group continues to challenge itself to contribute to the environment and provide new value based on individual ideas through product development, aiming to achieve a sustainable society.

Materiality of Toyo Seikan Group

We identify top priority issues as the Materiality of Toyo Seikan Group in order to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society.

In 2021, we formulated the Long-Term Management Vision 2050 "The Future, Wrapped for All" and the Mid-Term Management Plan 2025, setting up mid- to long-term strategies and goals for the Group. In light of these strategies and goals, we have reviewed and refreshed the materiality. Going forward, we will work on setting key performance indicators (KPIs) and key goal indicators (KGIs) that are relevant to our materiality.


Sustainability management of Toyo Seikan Group

In 1933, our founder Tatsunosuke Takasaki clearly stated our founding philosophy as the fundamental principles in the handbook “The Mission of Toyo Seikan,” which was distributed to shareholders, employees, and partners in the industry. Since then, we have fulfilled our duties based on the principles. This is the origin of Sustainability activities of Toyo Seikan Group.


Messages from Sustainability officers



Integrated Report

In 2021, we began to publish an annual integrated report to communicate to our stakeholders how we as a group continue to drive growth, thereby helping them better understand our activities.

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Sustainability Report

Our previous CSR Report has changed its name to Sustainability Report from the 2022 issue. The Sustainability Report 2023 is designed to communicate to a wide range of stakeholders what we have done in line with our Long-Term Management Vision 2050 "The Future, Wrapped for All” in order to go beyond our traditional field of packaging and become a corporate group to create new value that changes the society.

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Participation in Global & Regional Initiatives and External Evaluation