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Board and Management Team

Board of Directors and Management Team

(As of June 25, 2020)

President and
Representative Director
Ichio Otsuka
  • -Chairman of Group CSR Promotion Committee
  • -Chairman of Group Risk and Compliance Committee
  • -Chairman of Group Environment Committee
Executive Vice President
and Director
Hirohiko Sumida
  • -In charge of Management of Toyo Kohan Co., Ltd.
Executive Officer
and Director
Masakazu Soejima
  • -Head of Corporate Strategy
  • -In charge of Accounting, Finance, IR and Group Procurement
Kazuo Murohashi
  • -In charge of CSR, HR, HR Development and Group Risk Management & Compliance
Kouki Ogasawara
  • -In charge of Secretariat, General Affairs, Legal, IT & Information Management
Takuji Nakamura
  • -Head of Group Technical Development
  • -Head of Innovation Incubation Office
Outside Director
Tsutao Katayama
  • (Professor Emeritus, Doshisha University)
Kei Asatsuma
  • (Lawyer)
Hiroshi Suzuki
  • (Certified Tax Accountant)
Mami Taniguchi
  • (Professor, Faculty of Commerce and Graduate School of Commerce, Waseda University)
Toshikazu Koike
  • (Chairman and Representative Director, Brother Industries, Ltd.)
Standing Audit
and Supervisory Board Member
Toshitaka Uesugi
Masashi Gobun
Outside Audit and
Supervisory Board Member
Fuminari Hako
  • (Certified Public Accountant)
  • (Certified Tax Accountant)
Shoichi Ikuta
  • (Chairman, Financial Management Forums, Inc.)
Ikuko Akamatsu
  • (Certified Public Accountant)
  • (Certified Fraud Examiner)
Executive Officer
Satoshi Nishino
  • -Head of Group Customer Solution
Yasumitsu Takebe
  • -In charge of Group Engineering and Design Strategies
Kazuhiro Sato
  • -Chief of Corporate R&D
Operating Officer
Meiji Yamazaki
  • -General Manager of Group Engineering Business Promotion Department
Akira Soga
  • -In charge of Corporate Strategy and Investigation of Domestic Business Base/ Group Logistics Strategy
Yukiko Arashi
  • -General Manager of CSR Department
Tsuneaki Nagai
  • -General Manager of Information Technology Department
Tadashi Funahashi
  • -In charge of Procurement
Shunji Tanaka
  • -In charge of Corporate Strategy and Toyo Aerosol Industry Co,. Ltd.
Mitsuhiko Aoyagi
  • -In charge of Group Technical Development and IoT/Robot Promotion
Tomoaki kaneko
  • -In charge of Group Quality Assurance and Environment
Yasuaki Hoshide
  • -General Manager of Group Customer Solution Department
Masanori Honda
(President and Representative Director of Toyo Seikan Co., Ltd.)
Toshiyuki Tanabe
(President and Representative Director of Toyo Kohan Co., Ltd.)
Toshiya Kasai
(President and Representative Director of Tokan Kogyo Co., Ltd.)
Hisashi Nakajima
(President and Representative Director of Nippon Closures Co., Ltd.)
Kiyoshi Kono
(President and Representative Director of Toyo Glass Co., Ltd.)
Michio Oiwa
(President and Representative Director of Mebius Packaging Co., Ltd.)

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