Introduction to the Award-Winning Products of Toyo Seikan Group for Fiscal Year 2023

The container and packaging products developed by the companies of the Toyo Seikan Group have received high acclaim both domestically and internationally during the fiscal year 2023. There were many award-winning products that pursued environmental load reduction and improved functionality, usability, and design. We will continue to leverage the collective strength of the group to propose containers that meet our customers' needs.

CBR Ultra-Lightweight ADI Can

  • Toyo Seikan Co., Ltd.

Cans of the Year Awards 2023
Sustainability Division – Silver Prize
Beverage Two-Piece Division Bronze Prize

AsiaStar Award 2023
Packaging Prize

With our ADI and aTULC aluminum cans, we offer higher can-bottom pressure resistance and significantly lower weight than conventional products thanks to our innovative technology, which balances quality assurance and weight reduction. This can-making technology allows for a significant reduction in the amount of aluminum used for the bottom end, contributing to reduced environmental load and greenhouse gas emissions.

Drip Can

  • Toyo Seikan Co., Ltd.

Cans of the Year Awards 2023
Beverage Two-Piece Division – Silver Prize

This is a new shape of steel beverage can that reduces environmental load by reducing the can's body weight and offers decorative container designs that appeal to consumers' visual senses. The "hammered pattern" panels on the hemispherical surface all around the can body not only enhance the strength of the can but also serve as a design element that evokes the "drip" of coffee drunk in a cafe or from a copper mug.

High-definition printed D&I aluminium aTULC beverage can using waterless printing technology

  • Toyo Seikan Co., Ltd.

Cans of the Year Awards 2023
Prototype Division Silver Prize

This beverage can allows high-definition printing using a waterless lithographic plate on an existing offset printing machine, which is more precise than conventional resin relief printing. It can print fine lines and characters that are invisible to the naked eye, allowing for the reproduction of beautiful gradients never before seen, not only creating a design with a three-dimensional feel like a photograph but also adding new functions such as authenticity

Wellbag, a closed-system cell culture container to form spheroids

  • Toyo Seikan Group Holdings, Ltd.


2022 Nikkei Excellent Products and Services Awards
Awards for Excellence

Utilizing the technology and know-how of container construction that we have cultivated for over a hundred years since our founding, we have developed and commercialized Wellbag, the world's first closed-system cell culture container, which enables efficient and excellent handling and the cultivation, formation, and collection of cell aggregates.

Sabot-3 for Drone, a remotely-controllable spraying device

  • Toyo Seikan Co., Ltd.


Japan Drone & AAM Awards 2023

With this product mounted on a drone, it is possible to spray from the air. In addition to aerial photography, which has been the main use of drones so far, this product gives drones a new working capability, enabling high-altitude work without scaffolding. It can be used for a wide range of purposes, such as light repair work on structures using rust preventatives and surface impregnating materials for concrete, marking during inspections, and bird damage control using repellents, all by simply replacing the spray can. In addition, it is possible to increase the spray capacity by attaching an additional tank or an auxiliary spray device that can carry additional spray cans.

Finger Fitting Tab

  • Toyo Seikan Co., Ltd.

WorldStar Award 2023
(WorldStar Winners 2023, Food category)
Accessible Packaging Division – Gold Prize

Cans of the Year Awards 2022
Ends, Caps & Closures部門 銀賞

While there have been can openings for food cans similar to the easy-open ring pull as seen this time, some users found it uncomfortable, and it was difficult to insert a finger into the ring pull to secure the grip needed for the can. However, this design solves such problems and has been praised as a 'clever design that makes it easy to seal' due to the ingenuity of the ring and lid recesses. The tab that fits the finger achieves two opposing results: when the tab is angled upwards from the lid, a space is created between the edge surfaces, making it easier to grip the ring pull and open the can. At the same time, this angle prevents the ring pull from getting caught unexpectedly and the can from opening and wasting its contents.

House Kari-ya Curry Microwaveable Pouch

  • Toyo Seikan Co., Ltd.
  • Joint award: House Foods Group Inc.

WorldStar Award 2023
(WorldStar Winners 2023 Food category)

AsiaStar Award 2022(消費者包装部門)

Japan Packaging Contest 2022
Food Packaging Division Award

This is a microwaveable plastic pouch for food such as curry. It prevents the pouch from punctures during heating without adding a heat-resistant film. In addition, our unique processing technology provides excellent sealing performance, achieving both a reduction in plastic usage and an improvement in performance.

"Lumisus" Aluminum Cup

  • Toyo Seikan Co., Ltd. / Tokan Kogyo Co., Ltd.

47th Kinoshita Prize
New Creation Category

Japan Packaging Contest 2022
Beverage Packaging Award

We have developed and put into practical use an aluminum beverage cup using our unique technology and materials with the aim of realizing SDGs and reducing plastic use. Thanks to Toyo Seikan's aTULC (aluminum Toyo Ultimate Can) technology, we have minimized water usage during manufacturing and energy consumption. In addition, our unique forming technology has enabled us to achieve lightweight, optimal loading efficiency, and stackability. We also make it very useful by giving it a shape that feels good on your mouth and easy to hold due to the step difference between the top and the bottom, and we give it a shape that serves as a guide for filling it to the right volume.

Introduction of Award-Winning Products of Toyo Seikan Group in 2022

Laser Decorated Tab

  • Toyo Seikan Co., Ltd.
  • Joint award: Coca-Cola Tokyo Research & Development Center Co., Ltd.

WorldStar Award 2022
(WorldStar Winners 2022 Beverages category)

Japan Packaging Contest 2022
Technical Packaging Award

We have developed a product that combines colored tabs and laser engraving technology. The tabs can be engraved in high detail on both sides, and the technology also allows variable engraving, such as serial numbers. Through the use of lasers, we have applied this technology, which was difficult to apply in the past, to coffee cans. When conducting campaigns on canned beverages, it was common to stick a seal on the lid, but by directly engraving on the lid, we have eliminated the need for seals, conserving resources.

Neck Emboss Can (FINE)
(Fantastic and Impressive Neck shaped can)

  • Toyo Seikan Co., Ltd.

Cans of the Year Awards 2022
Beverage Two-Piece Division – Bronze Prize

This has been adopted for the 375-ml can sold by E&J Gallo in the United States. This embossing process allowed the words "Dark Horse" to be placed over the familiar brand icon of a horse's head printed on the container body, which was highly appreciated for its standout appeal on the store shelf. Embossing can weaken the structure of the can, and in some cases, the sidewalls must be thickened, but this is not necessary with FINE processing.

Development of Three-Dimensional Film-Forming Technology Cool Shock® Pouch

  • Toyo Seikan Co., Ltd.

Katashi Aoki Technology Award

We have invented and put into practical use our unique Cool Shock® molding technology, which allows for three-dimensional molding by simply compressing one side of the film with a convex mold. The design of this pouch enables delicate, complex, and wide-ranging three-dimensional molding that was not possible with conventional technology. Since the molding is done cold (at room temperature) with only a convex mold, mold and energy costs are low.

DANDANDOME Disposable Cardboard Tent

  • Nippon Tokan Package Co., Ltd.
  • Joint award: Mr.Yusuke Murakami

2022 Good Design Award

DANDANDOME is a durable, cardboard assembly tent made of lightweight and durable cardboard. The cardboard used achieves high water resistance using our unique lamination technology. It is also characterized by the convenience of parts that connect without the use of screws or nails.

Digital Printing Tack Label for Small LotICHI-GO-CAN® Alcohol Can

  • Toyo Seikan Co., Ltd.
  • Joint award: Agnavi Co., Ltd.

Japan Packaging Contest 2022
Beverage Packaging Award

We have built the ICHI-GO-CAN® business, which sells locally brewed sake filled and labeled at the brewery in 180-ml aluminum cans. These cans block UV light, a major enemy of sake, making various sake brands easily accessible. By providing blank aluminum cans and high-tack labels printed digitally to the breweries, and by renting out simple filling equipment and labeling devices, we can significantly reduce the initial equipment investment and the shortage of filling staff. Even local sake that is produced in small quantities to maintain quality can be delivered to consumers fresh, and it can also help promote the charm of local sake breweries.

Kagome Tomato Juice Smart Eco Bottle

  • Toyo Seikan Group Holdings, Ltd. / Tokan Kogyo Co., Ltd.
  • Joint award: Kagome Co., Ltd.
  • Joint award: Fujiseal, Inc.

Japan Packaging Contest 2022
Beverage Packaging Award

We have developed the Smart Eco Bottle by renewing the conventional smart PET to improve its usability and environmental compatibility. The preform bottle is lighter in weight than the conventional smart PET bottle and incorporates 100% mechanical recycled material. By changing and thinning the label from the conventional smart PET's seven-minute length to a five-minute length, we have been able to reduce the amount of plastic used. The indentations in the middle and sides of the bottle make it easier to hold and grip, and the oval groove on the short side of the bottle shoulder makes it easier to peel off the thinned label. Furthermore, by eliminating as much of the panel on the bottle body as possible, we have reduced the rebound when the bottle is pushed by hand, making it easier to crush.

Drinking lid that can be easily opened without using hands (with aroma window)

  • Tokan Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Japan Packaging Contest 2022
Beverage Packaging Award

This is a drinking lid that you can easily open without using your hands, and it allows you to enjoy the aroma of the beverage as you drink. We have developed a "non-action" method by which you simply press your upper lip against the protrusion of the drinking hole (cutout) on the lid when tilting the cup, and the drinking hole opens without you having to use your hands. When the drinking hole opens, the aroma window near your nose also opens, allowing you to enjoy the aroma of the drink.

Consolidation of Packaging Materials for Overseas Shipment of Shaft Gears

  • Nippon Tokan Package Co., Ltd.

Japan Packaging Contest 2022
Industrial Packaging Award

This is an exterior box for shipping 12 automobile shaft gears. Until now, we used different interior parts due to the different shapes of the top and bottom. However, by making the interior parts of the top and bottom the same shape and consolidating the materials, we have achieved a reduction in material management items and cost reduction due to the reduced materials used.

Today's Sake

  • Awarded to: Kyouno Nihonshu Co., Ltd.
  • Glass Bottle: Toyo Glass Co., Ltd.

19th Glass Bottle Award 2023
Excellence Prize

“The bottle, with its frosted glass image, exudes a sense of luxury and makes the sake look delicious. The one-cup size is just right for drinking. The paper label around the neck of the bottle, which describes the characteristics and how to drink the sake, gives a sense of kindness to the product." These points were evaluated, and it was selected for the Excellence Award.

Touken Ranbu ONLINE Japanese Sake Touken Danshi Yamanbagiri Kunihiro

  • Awarded to: Uraracube Co., Ltd.
  • Glass Bottle: Toyo Glass Co., Ltd.

19th Glass Bottle Award 2023
Excellence Prize

"The color tone and form are very beautiful and exude a sense of luxury. The beauty of the colored glass bottle is recognized anew, and the natural expression of the opposing color gradation of blue-green and orange makes one feel the potential of the glass bottle." These points were evaluated and it was selected for the Excellence Award.


  • Awarded to: Momoya Co., Ltd.
  • Glass Bottle: Toyo Glass Co., Ltd.

19th Glass Bottle Award 2023
Japan Glass Bottle Association Special Prize

Since its launch in 1973, this product has been widely loved by everyone from children to the elderly as a synonym for nori tsukudani , and it has consistently used glass bottles. In addition, in the recipe book, we express our gratitude and respect for the fact that the glass bottle is promoted as the best container because it is odorless, visible, and environmentally friendly. It was selected for the Japan Glass Bottle Association Special Prize.

Introduction of Toyo Seikan Group's award-winning products for 2021

Genetic Testing Reagent Protection Container

  • Toyo Seikan Co., Ltd.
  • Joint Award: Eiken Chemical Co., Ltd.

Japan Packaging Contest 2021
Pharmaceuticals and Medical Packaging Award

Cans of the Year Award 2021
Jury Special Award– Gold Prize

This simple and compact container is suitable for long-term vacuum storage and transportation and makes it easy to remove the reagent (test chip) when used. This contributes to the early detection and treatment of diseases for many people and prevents the spread of infection.

Two-Piece Can Process Color Printing

  • Toyo Seikan Co., Ltd.

Cans of the Year Award 2021
Prototype Division - Silver Prize

While the curved surface offset printing of a general two-piece can is printed with a limited number of special, product-specific colors, we have developed the world's first printing technology that enables full-color printing of two-piece cans using only process colors and no special colors.

Industrial ADI Screw Bottle Can

  • Toyo Seikan Co., Ltd.

Cans of the Year Award 2021
General Line Division - Silver Prize

While conventional containers are formed by the impact method using pure aluminum, our containers apply the DI (Drawn and Ironing) method, which is common in beverage cans, to industrial product containers. We also use high-strength aluminum alloy as the base material to achieve thinning and weight reduction. Since aluminum alloy can produce much waste material that needs to be recycled, it is possible to reduce CO2 emissions in the material manufacturing process, and we have reduced emissions by about 60% while also reducing weight.

Tuna can forcefully jumping out of the sea
Tuna Out of Splashing Water

  • Toyo Seikan Group Holdings, Ltd.

Pentawards 2021
Professional Concept Division - Gold Prize

When you peel off the shrink film with radial notches, a splash appears, and it looks like a tuna is forcefully jumping out of the sea. The shrink film, which is generally used for packaging, adds a little playfulness to provide value that excites consumers from the moment they open the package.
We were recognized for our unique concept that removed fixed ideas, such as the fun of opening packages and the bold design of the three-can set.

Lid to release heat after cooking

  • Tokan Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Japan Packaging Contest 2021
Packaging Category Award - Food Packaging – Award

For food packages like gratin and doria, paper containers are often used, and after being filled and cooked, they are usually covered with a lid and distributed in a full shrink configuration. After being microwaved at convenience stores and other stores, the entire package tends to become hot, so we have developed a lid structure that improves consumer safety (reducing the risk of burns, etc.) and handling after they are microwaved.

Paper store display packaging that allows multiple stacks of bottle cans

  • Nippon Tokan Package Co., Ltd.
  • Joint Award: Kirin Holdings Company, Limited

Japan Packaging Contest 2021
Packaging Technology Award – Packaging Idea Award

This is a multipack that allows bottle cans to be stacked for display.
Bottle cans cannot be stacked, which limits the number of shelves in store displays. When the cans are wrapped with a paper sleeve, stacking is possible, and they can be stacked on shelves and displayed. The sleeve can also accommodate more than three cans.

Improved efficiency of opening of outer boxes to remove aerosol cans

  • Nippon Tokan Package Co., Ltd.

Japan Packaging Contest 2021
Packaging Division – Award - Logistics Award

This is a cardboard case that improves workability by eliminating the flap by making the lid a separate part when the product is removed by a robot.
In existing products, rubber bands are usually placed on the flaps of A-type cases to prevent spreading due to repulsion. By changing the structure of the lid, we eliminated the rubber banding to improve workability. Also, it is easy to remove because it only needs to be folded and inserted into the main body.

Easy to fix with one push! Push Fit Tray

  • Nippon Tokan Package Co., Ltd.

Japan Packaging Contest 2021
Packaging Category Award – Electric Equipment Packaging Award

This is a tray that can accommodate products of different sizes with one component.
We have devised a folding method to make it possible to adjust the size in the up, down, left, and right directions. The tray has four folding mechanisms, and when the folding points are changed, the tray can accommodate multiple sizes of products. Efficiency is also improved by folding points that can be molded with one push.

Standardization of water conditioner packaging materials

  • Nippon Tokan Package Co., Ltd.

Japan Packaging Contest 2021
Packaging Category Award – Industrial Packaging Award

This is an outer box and pad that standardizes two types of water appliances and accessories with different shapes. With the outer box and pad standardized, the initial cost is about 50% that of existing products, and the number of management points and storage locations is reduced. Also, the number of pads has been reduced from two to one, which reduces the number of work steps.

Introduction of Toyo Seikan Group's Award-Winning Products for 2020

29-Screw Hinge Valve

  • Nippon Closures Co., Ltd.

Japan Packaging Contest 2019
Packaging Category Award – Food Packaging Award

WorldStar Award 2020
(WorldStar Winners 2020 Food category)

The parts of this valve have been integrated into one mold through the application of two-color molding technology. The elastomer valve made by injection molding has stably achieved good liquid cut-off and easy ejection. It can be used for all types of medium viscosity liquids.

All-Corrugated Packaging for Porous Ceramic Products

  • Nippon Tokan Package Co., Ltd.
  • Joint Award: Kyocera Corporation

Japan Packaging Contest 2020
Japan Star Award - Chairman's Award of the Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Japan Productivity Center

World Packaging Organization WorldStar Award
(Worldstar Winners2021 Electronics category)

This cushioning material improves environmental performance by eliminating plastic and using all corrugated cardboard. It also improves cushioning performance by about 50% compared to conventional products, protecting fragile porous ceramics. Because the components can be selected according to the number of products, the loss rate is low and it is economically superior.

Cape Hair Spray Series

  • Toyo Aerosol Industry
  • Joint Award: Kao Corporation

Japan Packaging Contest 2020
Japan Star Award – Chairman's Award of the Public Interest Incorporated Foundation, Shared Goods Promotion Organization

We developed the Easy Lever Button to be easy for anyone to use until disposal. The principle of leverage has been used so it can be lightly pressed and sprayed where it is aimed, the lever where the finger is placed has been specially shaped. To make sorting and disposal easy, we have devised a button that can be easily removed at the time of disposal but does not come off during use, and we have added a gas release mechanism to the top of the cap. We also considered ease of selection and included a display that tells you to keep the container level so you can see the strength of the hold at a glance.

GOHANDESUYO (medium) Outer box simple opening specification

  • Nippon Tokan Package Co., Ltd.
  • Joint Award: Momoya Co., Ltd.

Japan Packaging Contest 2020
Packaging Technology Award – Accessible Design Packaging Award

This is a shelf-ready package that is easy to open when you put out products in stores. A zipper process has been added to the extension of the top opening so you can open it from the top and the side with one action and then easily take out the tray. We have also made it easy to dispose of after opening.

Paper Squeezing Tray

  • Tokan Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Japan Packaging Contest 2020
Packaging Category Award – Food Packaging Award

We have evolved the paper container by making full use of the functionality of paper and devising a new molding method. This container has a small dimensional change and can also fit with a lid. It also has a handle that doesn't get hot from cooking. It can be used not only in microwave ovens and ranges but also in steam convection ovens.
It is strong when it is frozen, and it can be used at room temperature and for baking, freezing, and thawing.
This tray uses about 80% less resin than a resin tray of the same size.

Tokan withlid

  • Tokan Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Japan Packaging Contest 2020
Packaging Category Award – Beverage Packaging Award

In response to regulations due to the global marine plastic problem, coffee shops, fast food restaurants, and convenience stores have stopped giving plastic straws for cold drinks and started to switch to lids that can be drunk from directly.
We have developed a lid that can be drunk from directly that uses less plastic than the total of the previous flat lid plus plastic straw. It saves resources, reduces the load on the environment, and is easy to open and drink from. The amount of residual liquid in the container is also significantly reduced.
It is a universal design with a brim, which makes it easy to know without looking where the liquid will come out, and the lid can be safely removed.

All-cardboard packaging for water purifiers

  • Nippon Tokan Package Co., Ltd.

Japan Packaging Contest 2020
Packaging Category Award – Electrical Equipment Packaging Award

This packaging material, which has been made entirely from cardboard in an effort to eliminate plastic, improves environmental performance. It eliminates the need for sorting after use, and all packaging materials can be recycled.
In addition, a lifting function has been added to the six points of the pad that holds the product, so cushioning is sure and the product is protected. The top and bottom cushioning materials and the left and right fixing pads have been standardized, so the number of accessories is reduced, and management is easier.

Can-Bottom Re-Forming Compression Bottom Reform (CBR) technology (for aTULC, ADI)

  • Toyo Seikan Co., Ltd., Toyo Seikan Group Holdings, Ltd.

Cans of the Year Awards 2020
Prototype Division – Gold Prize

The can's lightweight design was highly praised, earning it the top Gold Prize.
CBR is an innovative technology that can provide higher can-bottom pressure resistance in ADI and aluminum Toyo Ultimate Can (aTULC) aluminum cans than conventional canning technology can, and it can achieve both quality and light weight. It also contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions due to its reduced use of aluminum material. In combination with aTULC's "dry forming" technology, which minimizes water usage and energy consumption, it is possible to provide environmentally friendly advanced packaging containers and canning systems.

FV Japan Co., Ltd. – Cooling Mask

  • Awarded to: FV Japan Co., Ltd.
  • Glass Bottle: Toyo Glass Co., Ltd.

17th Glass Bottle Award 2021 – Function & Environment Prize

The unique idea of selling masks, which have now become a necessity, in glass bottles of moderate weight through vending machines has been highly appreciated. The product provides a refreshing sensation when cooled and a sense of cleanliness and security when sealed in a glass bottle with excellent sealing properties. This led to its selection for the Function & Environment Prize.

Descriptions of each award

[WORLDSTAR GLOBAL PACKAGING AWARDS] – Hosted by the World Packaging Organization

Products that have won the Japan Packaging Contest are qualified to enter the WORLDSTAR GLOBAL PACKAGING AWARDS.

[AsiaStar Award] – Hosted by the Asian Packaging Federation

With the aim of introducing excellent packages from Asian countries to the world, packages that have won awards in domestic contests in each country are judged and selected.

[Cans of the Year Awards] – Hosted by Sayers Publishing

A globally renowned metal packaging contest. New products and technologies from around the world are exhibited, and from among them, the awards for each category and the highest award, the Can of the Year, are selected."Can of the year"が選ばれる。

[Pentawards] – Hosted by Pentawards

An international design competition held with the aim of popularizing packaging technology and package design.

[Kinoshita Prize] – Hosted by the Japan Packaging Technology Association

Established in memory of the many years of service to the packaging industry by the late-Mr. Matasaburo Kinoshita, the second president of the Japan Packaging Technology Association.

[Japan Packaging Contest] – Hosted by the Japan Packaging Technology Association

The largest contest in the packaging field in Japan, held with the aim of developing and popularizing excellent packaging and its technology. (It is composed of three parts: the Japan Star Award, the Packaging Technology Award, and the Packaging Division Award.)

[Good Design Award] – Hosted by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion

Good design that enriches life, industry, and society as a whole is recognized.

[Glass Bottle Award] – Hosted by the Japan Glass Bottle Association

This event is held as a place or opportunity to express the trends of the world through glass bottles, capturing the trends of the times and changes in consumer lifestyles.

[Katashi Aoki Technology Award] – Hosted by the General Incorporated Association of Plastic Molding Processing

This award is given to researchers and technicians who have made creative achievements in plastic molding processing technology in recognition of their dedication and effort, and in anticipation of their future development.

[Nikkei Excellent Products and Services Awards] - Hosted by Nikkei Inc.

Every year, outstanding products and services featured in the media of the Nikkei Group are recognized.

[Japan Drone & AAM Awards 2023] - Hosted by General Incorporated Association Japan UAS Industrial Development Association (JUIDA)

Conducted by each division of JUIDA with the goal of encouraging expansion of the drone industry and to spread the word about superior drone-related products and services, both in Japan and overseas. These honors are bestowed upon products, technologies, services, and new businesses that will mark an innovative future.