Group Structure & Business Model

The Toyo Seikan Group consists of Toyo Seikan Group Holdings, Ltd. and 85 subsidiaries (72 consolidated subsidiaries, 13 non-consolidated subsidiaries), 7 affiliates and a subsidiary of an affiliate(as of March 31, 2023).
The composition of our company and major group subsidiaries is as follows:

Toyo Seikan Group Holdings, Ltd.

Toyo Seikan Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing and sales of metal and plastic packaging products

Toyo Kohan Co., Ltd.

Manufactures and sells tin plates, thin plates, and various surface-treated steel sheets and various functional materials

Tokan Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing and sales of paper and plastic containers

Nippon Closures Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing and sales of metal and plastic caps

Mebius Packaging Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing and sales of plastic products


Manufactures and sells glass bottles

Toyo Aerosol Industry Co., Ltd.

Contract filling and sales of aerosol products and liquid-filled products


Manufacturing and sales of glaze, pigment, gel coat and trace-element fertilizer

Nippon Tokan Package Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing and sales of corrugated paper products and paper container products, etc.

Stolle machinery
Company, LLC

Manufacturing and sales of can and canend production machinery and related services

Business Model

Toyo Seikan Group is primarily engaged in manufacturing packaging containers by processing various materials such as metal, plastic, paper and glass. It has also developed its operations in Engineering, Filling and Logistics, steel plate related and functional materials related segments, which have derived from its core packaging business. The Group provides its products for a wide range of customers from beverage and food companies to household products manufacturers.

Suppliers (Material makers, etc.)

(aluminum, steel, polyolefin, base paper, silica sand, etc.)

Toyo Seikan Group

Packaging business

Metal containers

Plastic containers

Paper containers

Glass containers

Engineering, Filling and Logistics businesses

Can and can end manufacturing machinery Beverage filling equipment

Contract filling/Sales

Beverage products

General liquid- filled products

Aerosol products

Other businesses

Trucking services Warehousing services

Steel plate related business

Steel plates

Steel plate processed products

Functional material related business

Magnetic disk aluminum substrates

Optical functional films



Gel coats

Micro-element fertilizers

Real estate related business

Leasing of office buildings and commercial properties.

Other businesses

Automotive press dies

Machinery and appliances

Hard alloys

Agricultural-use materials


Customers (Manufacturers of beverage, food and household products)