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Packaging Business

In this segment, we manufacture and sell packaging containers that are essential for our daily life, including food and beverage cans, plastic bottles and pouches, caps, paper containers, and glass bottles.

We can offer a variety of containers with a diversified product line-up across the group to flexibly respond to the needs of customers and society.

Major Products and Related Group Companies

  • Metal products
    • Beverage cans
    • Cans for food and household products
    • Metal caps
    • Other metal products
  • Plastic products
    • PET bottles for beverage
    • Plastic bottles
    • Plastic films, pouches and trays
    • Plastic caps
    • Other plastic products
  • Paper products
  • Glass products

Plastic products ? Plastic films, pouches and trays

Main operations: Manufacturing and sales of plastic pouches for ready-to-eat curry and other food products and refill pouches for laundry detergents and other household products

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