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Long-Term Management Vision / Mid- to Long-Term Management Goals

Long-Term Management Vision
"The Future, Wrapped for All"

We have formulated a long-term management vision
in order to think about the society and the global environment
from a long-term perspective and maximize the value we offer to all our stakeholders.

What we aim and want to be
“Daily Living Platform”
for people all over the world to live safe,
secure and fulfilling lives

What we want to achieve

Responding to diversity
"Closer to each person"
Build a society that accepts differences and diversity to allow individual people to value their own lives
Creating a sustainable society
"Always with the Earth"
Create a society that continues to allow people to live happily into the future without harming the environment

The fields we will explore and the responsibilities we should take on

Food and health

Providing products, systems and services that help people live healthily with better diet

Comfortable living

Providing products, systems and services that allow everyone to live a safe and secure life without feeling inconvenience


Offering/building products, systems and services and a value chain that are more environmentally friendly to create a sustainable society

We will combine all technologies and know-how we have acquired in the fields of
material development, package processing and engineering to promote open innovation,
internet of things and digital transformation. We will also work together with customers,
suppliers and other partners who have the same aim, creating new value that changes
the society beyond the boundaries of packaging manufacturing.

Vision Movie and Statement

Mid- to Long-Term Management Goals

Mid- to Long-Term Management Goals 2030

In order to realize our long-term management vision, we have set quantitative and qualitative management targets to be achieved by 2030 as the Mid- to Long-Term Management Goals 2030.

Financial value

Net sales: 1 trillion yen
Operating income: 80 billion yen

Social and
environmental value
  1. 1.Key targets of Eco Action Plan 2030

Zero-Carbon Society

To be carbon-neutral by 2050

  • 35% less CO2 emissions from operations (Scope 1 & 2)
  • 20% less CO2 emissions from supply chain (Scope 3)
  • Compared to FY2013

Zero-Waste Society

  • 30% less use of exhaustible resources
  • 40% less use of fossil resources for plastic products
  • Compared to FY2013

Society Coexisting with Nature

  • 30% cut in water consumption for operations
  • Compared to FY2013
  1. 2.Building a sustainable value chain
  2. 3.Creating a workplace that allows members with various characteristics to develop and demonstrate their own abilities

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