Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

Toyo Seikan Group Holdings, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") uses cookies on our website (hereinafter referred to as "this website") to distinguish you from other users.
This not only helps to provide a better experience and improve our website, but also provides information about your experiences and interests.
This information is used to make the content and services more relevant and useful for future visits.

1. About Cookies and Similar Technologies (hereinafter referred to as "Cookies, etc.")


"Cookies" are small text files that are sent from a web server to your computer or mobile device (hereinafter collectively referred to as "device") browser when you access a website, and are stored in the storage of your device.
Cookies are generally used to provide functions on websites, analyze access conditions, improve user experience, deliver advertisements, etc. For details, please check the next article "2. Purpose of use of cookies etc. used on our website and method of refusal".

Beacon (or Pixel)

"Beacons (or pixels)" are one of the technologies that transfer information from your device to a server. Beacons can be embedded in online content such as web pages, videos, still images, emails, etc., and this allows the server to read certain types of information from your device, recognize the date and time of viewing, the IP address of the device, and whether you have viewed specific content or opened/previewed an email, etc.
*Web beacons used on websites (hereinafter referred to as "web beacons") cannot generally be refused, as they are essentially the same as other content requests included in web pages.
Beacons in emails can generally be disabled by not downloading the images included in the received message, but this method depends on the functionality of the email software and may not always be disabled. If you cannot disable it by this operation, please refuse to receive the email itself.

2. Purpose of Using Cookies and Similar Technologies on Our Website

Purpose of Use

(1) Providing basic functions of our website

In our company, we may use cookies for the provision of basic functions in using the website, such as temporary recording of input contents and maintaining login status. You can refuse the use of these cookies by executing the "Method to refuse the use of cookies by changing browser settings" described later.
However, please note that if you refuse to use these cookies, some functions of the website may not be available, or some pages may not be displayed correctly.
*Many of the functions commonly used when using a website, such as logging in to an account/my page, maintaining login status, temporarily recording input contents in a form (for example, displaying input contents when returning to the previous page to change input contents), and saving the contents of a shopping cart, are provided using these cookies.

(2) Analysis of access status, improvement of user experience

In our company, we may use the information collected through cookies, etc. to analyze your usage of the website (access status, browsing history, service usage history, traffic, etc.), to improve the performance of the website itself, to improve and enhance the services we provide to you through the website, and to provide information and features according to your interests and needs.
In this analysis, the following services are mainly used, but the above information may also be provided to the service providers and used for advertising distribution to customers.

The methods to stop providing information to the following services are described in the links in the "How to Stop Sending Information" column. However, please note that if you stop providing information to these services, you may be subject to restrictions when utilizing the products and services provided by each company.

※The table can be scrolled left or right.

Main Services Used The service provider Policy URL Method to stop sending information
Google Analytics Google URL URL
Account Engagement Salesforce URL No provision

3. How to refuse the use of cookies by changing browser settings

Method of Refusal

Most browsers are set by default to accept certain cookies, but you can change your browser settings to limit or disable the use of cookies. However, please note that if you disable cookies, some website functions may not be available and some pages may not display correctly, as mentioned above.
Also, cookies will remain on your device until their set expiration date, but you can delete them at any time by your own operation. The procedure for changing the use settings of cookies and other items varies depending on the browser. For information on how to change settings in commonly used browsers, please refer to the links below.
※ If you use different devices and browsers to access the website, you will need to adjust each browser on each device individually to suit your preferences.

4. Inquiries about our Cookie Policy

If you have any questions or concerns about this Cookie Policy, please contact us through the inquiry form below.

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