Management Philosophy of Toyo Seikan Group

Management Philosophy

Our management philosophy, consisting of our management policy, creed and vision, is a foundation of our business and integrated in our corporate philosophy structure as common values on which we pursue continuous growth.

Management Policy

We will constantly create new and innovative value, aspire to achieve a sustainable society and contribute to peopleʼs happiness.


We will honor dignity and always strive to be fair and unbiased in every way.
All of us will fully demonstrate our own strengths and expertise, and contribute to social prosperity while we grow and thrive as an individual, a corporation and a group.


We will aim to become a group that can provide unique and innovative technologies and products that will meet global expectations.

Corporate Philosophy Structure

The chart and table below illustrate the structure of the management philosophy of Toyo Seikan Group, the concept of its common value foundation to achieve its sustainable development. Based on the management philosophy, the Group makes a united effort to demonstrate its comprehensive ability.

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Main category Sub category Description
- Significance of existence and mission of the Group
- Permanent principles for the Group's activities
*The management policy of each group company is at the same level as that of the Group.
Creed - Fundamental way of thinking, stance and value standards for our daily work
Vision - Specifically defined course of action and future objectives
Code of Conduct - Framework that the Group must comply with and execute
Guidelines of
- Specific rules that govern our actions within the framework
- Basic standards of behavior for employees
Rules - Common rules applied to all members of the Group
Management Goals
- Mid- to long-term management goals of the Group
Management Plan
- Mid-term management plan of the Group
by Function
- Strategies by function designed to achieve the Group’ s management plan
(Strategies for sales, R&D, manufacturing, procurement, financing, human resources, IT system, etc.)