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We will strive to improve
our corporate value by driving business
development in which our management
strategies are fully integrated with
Corporate Social Responsibility.

Over 100 years since its founding in 1917, the Toyo Seikan Group has developed and supplied packaging containers in line with the constantly changing lifestyle and society by processing a wide range of materials, such as metal, plastic, paper and glass, bringing out the unique characteristics of each material.

Under our Management Philosophy established in April 2016, we continue to pursue development and evolution for the next 100 years, working on the creation of a more fulfilling life for people and environmentally friendly systems for society with our technologies of material development and processing.

Business Results for Fiscal 2021 (March 2022)

For fiscal 2021 (ended March 2022), net sales increased 9.7% from the year earlier to 821,565 million yen on a consolidated basis. Sales of can and can end making machinery remained strong as the demand for beverage cans increased globally amid a movement to seek alternatives to plastic packaging, which was triggered by concerns over marine plastic pollution.

Sales of beverage containers and other packaging products as well as steel plates also increased after a significant decline caused by the coronavirus outbreak in the previous year. Operating income grew 27.9% from the year earlier to 34,114 million yen due to increased sales of steel plates and packaging products, efforts to pass on rising raw material costs to product prices, and gain on valuation of steel plate material inventory. Ordinary income rose 67.3% over the previous year to 45,712 million yen mainly due to an increase in equity in earnings of affiliates. With a gain on sale of investment securities, we posted a profit attributable to owners of parent of 44,422 million yen, up 178.6% from the previous year.

We commit ourselves to implementing the measures of the Mid-Term Management Plan 2025, our five-year plan launched in 2021, aiming to maximize corporate value.

Rewards to Shareholders

Based on the shareholder rewarding policy of the Mid-Term Management Plan 2025, we paid a year-end dividend of 65 yen per share for fiscal 2021. As a result, the total annual dividend for the year was 88 yen per share, a 45 yen increase from the previous year. We expect at this point the annual dividend for fiscal 2022 (ending March 2023) to be 89 yen per share.

We would greatly appreciate your continued support and encouragement.

Ichio Otsuka President and Representative Director

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