Our Businesses

Packaging business

The packaging business manufactures and sells packaging containers that are essential for our daily life, including food and beverage cans, plastic bottles and pouches, caps, paper containers, and glass bottles.


Engineering, Filling and Logistics businesses

This segment includes manufacturing and sales of can and can end making machinery and beverage filling equipment, contract filling and sales of beverages, aerosol products and general liquid-filled products, and trucking and warehousing services.


Steel plate related business

Our steel plate related operations have been conducted mainly by our group company Toyo Kohan, adding value to steel with its proprietary technologies in rolling, surface treatment and lamination, which have been developed and refined since its foundation. This segment primarily manufactures and sells steel plate materials used for metal cans and other products that support various aspects of our daily living, including electrical and electronic components, automotive and industrial machinery parts, construction materials and consumer electronics.


Functional material related business

We provide various functional materials with high quality and performance that are used in a wide range of areas. Toyo Kohan has developed magnetic disk aluminum substrates and optical functional films by applying the surface treatment techniques and other advanced technologies of its mainstream steel plate related operations, while TOMATEC, another group company, provides pigments, enamelware glazes, gel coats and micro-element fertilizers.


Real estate related business

This segment is engaged in leasing of office buildings and commercial properties.


Other businesses

We are also engaged in manufacturing and sales of automotive press dies, machinery and appliances, hard alloys and agricultural-use materials, sales of petroleum products, and non-life insurance agency business.