Toward a Zero-Waste Society

Environmental Impact of Business Activities

We strive to monitor the material balance of the entire group in an effort to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities.

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2030 Targets and FY2022 Results

Based on Eco Action Plan 2030, the progress on group-wide targets as of FY2022 is stated below.

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Environmental Vision FY2022 results Evaluation
FY2030 targets (Eco Action Plan 2030)

Zero-waste society

  • Reduce the use of exhaustible resources※1 by 30% (compared to FY2013)
  • We reduced usage of exhaustible resources by 16.0% compared with the base year of FY2013. Target was achieved. We will proceed further on initiatives toward lightening weight and yield improvement (lowering the rejection rate), mainly in packaging.
  • We reduced the use of fossil resources in plastic products by 15.5% versus the base year of FY2013, but the target was not achieved. We will move forward on reducing the use of fossil resources by means such as reuse of recyclable materials from used PET bottles and use of plant-based resins in plastic containers.




  • Reduce the use of fossil resources※2for plastic products by 40%(compared to FY2013)
    • Reduce by 15% by moving to lighter weight plastic products and converting materials(compared to FY2013)
    • Increase use of recycled materials and plant-based resins by 30%(compared to FY2013)
  • Make all packaging products recyclable or reusable

The business of Toyo Seikan Group involves manufacturing packaging containers and steel plates by processing raw materials derived from exhaustible resources such as metal and petroleum. As such, we consider it a significant mission of our group to effectively utilize resources by reducing input materials, minimizing waste generation, and promoting recycling. Particularly, packaging waste has been found to comprise 66% of household waste by volume, according to a 2021 survey conducted by the Ministry of the Environment.

In our “Eco Action Plan 2030”, we have set a goal to reduce the use of exhaustible resources by 30% toward a zero-waste society. In addition to our ongoing efforts to lightweight our packaging containers, we are also actively working on expanding the use of recycled materials. Improving the usage rate of recycled materials in metal cans and increasing the utilization rate of recycledmaterials and plant-derived resins in plastic containers will help us achieve the targets of “Eco Action Plan 2030” and eventually contribute to solving societal issues. These initiatives not only promote the effective use of resources but also contribute to energy reduction during material manufacturing, which we believe is an important measure in combating global warming.

Furthermore, we are also working on developing product designs that are suitable for waste sorting and creating systems to encourage the collection of used containers, thereby contributing to the realization of a circular economy.

Summary of the FY2021 survey on use and waste of packaging, conducted by the Ministry of Environment


Co-hosting the 'SDG Academy Indonesia' with UNDP Indonesia

Nippon Closures, in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Indonesia and other partners, has co-hosted the SDG Academy Indonesia, a capacity-building program aimed at nurturing Indonesian talents who will lead the circular economy. A total of 600 individuals from the Indonesian central government, private companies and civic organizations participated in the program.

In the first half session "Circular Economy Dialogue," Nippon Closures shared its knowledge of eco-friendly packaging and sorted waste collection, which it has accumulated through its experience as a closure manufacturer, and engaged in discussing with the participants. In cooperation with businesses and organizations in Japan that are leading circular economy initiatives, the company provided various case studies for discussion.

In the second half session "Leadership Program" from May 2023, the company has conducted demonstrative research for the realization of a circular economy, exploring future actions through practical applications. As a leading company in the closure industry, Nippon Closure will continue to work together with other participants aiming to realize a circular economy in Indonesia.


Launching a Consortium to Realize Closed-Loop
(Cap-to-Cap) Recycling of PET Bottle Caps

Since January 2023, Nippon Closures has been working with Asahi Group Japan and Sojitz Pla-Net Corporation on technical verification of a realization of closed-loop recycling system for PET bottle caps.

While closed-loop recycling for PET bottles in the soft drink industry is being promoted, the current state of cap recycling is not well understood, making the establishment of collection and recycling methods a challenge. The consortium will take advantage of each company's strength to overcome these challenges across the entire value chain through designing a cap collection scheme, verifying recycling technologies, and establishing quality standards for recycled resin and products, all aimed at addressing societal issues related to plastic resource circulation.

Cap for PET bottle

“BREW at the ZOO”—Cup Recycling Challenge

Tokan Kogyo, in collaboration with Nippon Paper Group's companies and event planning agency Kids Promotion, joined the Cup Recycling Challenge, an event to raise awareness of paper cup recycling. The program was held as part of BREW at the ZOO, a craft beer and music event held at the Chiba Zoological Park, sponsored by Chiba City.

Visitors who enjoyed beer served in paper cups washed and sorted their used cups using Re-CUP WASHER, a cup washing machine developed by Tokan Kogyo. The collected cups were then recycled by Nippon Paper Industries into base paper for corrugated cardboard.

Typically, used paper cups are incinerated as general waste. In response to recent market needs for paper container recycling, Tokan Kogyo and the Nippon Paper Group are working to develop a new scheme to collect used paper containers as resources.

The partnership in this project was designed to encourage consumers to have a correct understanding of paper container recycling. Participation in this new recycling activity, washing their own cups, consumers can gain a tangible sense of involvement, thereby -promoting the establishment of a recycling system for paper containers.

BREW at the ZOO
BREW at the ZOO

Opening Event of “Zero Waste Fest 2023”

The Group partnered with the Takizawa Garbage Club, organized by garbage collector and comedian Shuichi Takizawa (a member of comedy duo Machine Guns) on a waste reduction initiative to raise public awareness.

The Takizawa's club held the Zero Waste Fest 2023, a month-long campaign from May 3, 2023 (“Garbage Day”) to May 30, 2023 (“Zero Garbage Day”), in various locations across Japan. On May 3, the first day, we co-hosted the opening event of the Fest at the Group's head office building in Osaki, Tokyo, under the theme of ""Embrace the SDGs not out of obligation, but out of desire."" The event was designed to create an opportunity for participants to find fun in recycling activities through various small programs that are linked to everyday life.

Admission was granted in exchange for recyclable waste containers brought by the visitors. At the venue, we arranged interactive exhibits with products developed by the Group, including a prefabricated cardboard tent that is recyclable; Captain Box, game-like equipment to collect used PET bottle caps; Re-CUP WASHER, a cup washer to promote paper cup recycling; and Loopiece, craft materials “upcycled” from used glass bottles. The stage featured a talk session with Mr. Takizawa, other comedians and guest speaker Ken Noguchi, an alpinist and environmental activist, as along with a picture-story show and music performance themed around waste issues and the SDGs.

The event was attended by around 300 individuals from the neighborhood and other areas.

BREW at the ZOO
BREW at the ZOO