Development of Next-Generation Eco-Friendly Can Lid 'EcoEnd™' with Major Revisions to Materials and Manufacturing Methods
- Joint efforts by Toyo Seikan and UACJ reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40%

Toyo Seikan Co., Ltd. ("Toyo Seikan"), a consolidated subsidiary of Toyo Seikan Group Holdings Ltd., has jointly developed with UACJ Corporation ("UACJ") a beverage can lid "EcoEnd" that reduces greenhouse gas ("GHG") emissions by approximately 40% by significantly increasing the use of recycled materials that have a GHG emission level approximately 3% of that of new aluminum. Compared to current beverage can lids, the use of EcoEnd will reduce GHG emissions by approximately 13,000 tons*1 per billion lids. If all beverage can lids sold by Toyo Seikan in Japan are replaced with EcoEnd, a GHG emission reduction of approximately 140,000 tons*2 is expected annually.

Current beverage can lids require a substantial quantity of new aluminum to ensure the necessary level of quality in terms of material workability and strength. By combining UACJ's material
manufacturing technology and Toyo Seikan's lid-forming technology, we have realized the development of a next-generation lid with the same quality performance as the current lid even when the use of new aluminum is reduced. Since the thickness of the lid is maintained, there is no need to change the equipment for beverage manufacturers that attaches the lid after the beverage is filled.

*1 According to Toyo Seikan' research
*2 Calculated based on the GHG reduction per EcoEnd and the actual production of the current SOT (stay-on-tab) lids at Toyo Seikan in FY2019

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