Developing and offering products and services that support various lifestyles

Selecting Products for Open Up! Products & Services

Regarding the product and services that correspond to the material issues of the Toyo Seikan Group̶“Developing and offering products and services that support various lifestyles” and “Developing and offering products and services that are environmentally sound”̶21 products and services from among the Group’s offerings have been selected as Open Up! Products & Services by the Group Sustainability Committee (as of March 2023).

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Offering easy-to-open, safe food cans using a tab formed to fit your finger

Toyo Seikan Co., Ltd. is making lids for food cans that come with a Finger Fitting Tab that gently fits your finger.
This is a breakthrough in the opening properties of the lid that also lowers the risk of the lid opening unintentionally.
It is an example of how we offer people-friendly products with high safety.
The Finger Fitting Tab was awarded Gold in theAccessible Packaging category of the WorldStar Awards 2023, a special category selected by the World Packaging Organization (WPO) for the annual WorldStar Contest (International Packaging Design Award). In October 2022, the Company won Silver in the Ends, Caps & Closures category at Cans of the Year Awards 2022 as it continues to take home the metal.
This shows the high regard in which the Company is held around the world.

1. A tab that slips snugly onto the finger

Using a concave shape to fit the finger enables a sturdy grip. Any pain or discomfort to the fingertip is reduced by increasing the contact surface area.

2. A design that encourages correct opening

Using a design that naturally leads the finger to the center of the tab prevents the finger from slipping into the tab at an angle and guards against mistakes in opening the can.

3. Reduced risk of accidental opening

By giving the tip of the tab a concave shape, the design helps to prevent accidental opening when another item is pushed unintentionally under the tab.

left:existing products right:Finger Fitting Tab

Friendly to people and the environment,“universal design bottle”

It is, after all, a daily-use container that sticks close to everyday life, so it should not be a burden, either physically or psychologically. In order to make products that most understand the varied lifestyles of consumers, use conditions, and worry points and should approach their work from the point of view of a universal d esign specially made for packaging and containers.
One such “universal design bottle” from Toyo Glass Co., Ltd. is the ultra-light returnable milk bottle. The glass bottle, designed based on human engineering principles, is such as easy to hold and pour. Using an easy-to-grip trunkdesign that narrows in the middle and special coating technology, we have achieved a 40% weight to handle by a child with small hands or someone with a weak grip, and the lighter weight saves on resources and energy while contributing to reduced GHG emissions.
In the future, our offering of products and services that incorporate the universal design viewpoint will allow more and more people to be supported on a daily basis.