Respect for Employees:Development of self-motivated talent (human resource development)

Coordinated human resource development across the Group

The Group places great emphasis on developing its workforce through collaborative efforts within the group. A Logical Thinking Training Program for younger workers, Managers Training Programs for newly appointed managers, and a Technical Leaders Program (TLP) for young leaders in technology using a Management of Technology (MoT) approach are held in the same form across the group. These are being used to facilitate the exchange of personnel within the group, to foster a group-wide awareness that transcends individual companies, and to build human networks.

To support employees pursuing individual educational paths, we pay full reimbursement of course fees for those completing classes over remote learning. In FY2022, there were a total of 3,431 applications across the entire group of companies. With the aim of bolstering language skills, we introduced a full reimbursement program for class fees related to the Test of English in International Communications (TOEIC).

In a program aimed at developing the Group’s next generation of leaders, we hold the Next-Generation Management Training Program (for general managers) and the Toyo Seikan Group Business College (TSGBC, for managers), with the goals of acquiring the knowledge needed for management and establishing the governing principles needed for being a leader.
In fiscal 2021, we launched a group-wide periodic recruitment system for new college graduates*. We are deepening the collaboration in human resources within the Group and actively working to build a human resource foundation through various opportunities for talent development.

  • The group-wide recruitment system covers seven group companies: Toyo Seikan Group Holdings, Toyo Seikan, Toyo Kohan, Tokan Kogyo, Nippon Closures, Toyo Glass and Mebius Packaging.

Group-wide common educational training framework

Group-wide internal training programs (FY2022)

  • The table can be scrolled left or right.
Category Program Study period (Number of sessions) Total number of participants
Total training hours*
Programs for selected candidates Next-Gen. Management Training (9th) Jan.–Jul. 2022 20
Total 367
TSGBC (9th) Oct. 2021–Dec. 2022 20
TLP (15th) Jul. 2022–Feb. 2023 30
Programs for specific positions Training for new senior managers 5 sessions over 2 nights and 3 days 35
Training for new managers 7 sessions over 3 days online 81
Training for new assistant managers 8 sessions over 3 days online 97
Logical Thinking Training 6 sessions over 3 days online 84
  • Calculated at 1 day = 7.75 hours; rounded to nearest whole number

Start an Internal Side Job System that supports employees’ career independence

Toyo Seikan Group Holdings introduced its internal side job system in June 2023. The aim is to increase their engagement through improvement of their skills and motivation, facilitated by mechanisms that allow employees to voluntarily engage in tasks from different departments, thereby fostering career autonomy.

Also, the departments receiving these employees anticipate benefits. For work where there is lacking expertise or manpower among existing members, the participation of new members provides an opportunity to gain new insights and sensitivities, thereby improving work efficiency. We look forward to the emergence of a new ideas and values stemming from this diversity.

Human Resource Development Initiative at the Plant

At TOMATEC’s Kyushu Plant, regular workshops are held for young employees, focusing on equipment and everyday examples from the manufacturing process. These workshops are led by experienced colleagues, who provide practical education in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, making the content more accessible for the younger staff. An added benefit of this approach is that it also serves as a learning experiences for the instructors and it fosters improved communication between the older and younger employees. In a manufacturing environment where danger is always present, acquiring the correct knowledge is paramount for ensuring safety and improving quality, while also contributing to the creation of a more comfortable workplace.