Respect for Employees:Health Management

We understand that employees’ health is one of our management issues. In September 2017 we released the Toyo Seikan Group Health Management Declaration for maintaining and enhancing the health of employees.

Toyo Seikan Group Health Management Declaration

To realize its management policy of “We will constantly create new and innovative values, aspire to achieve a sustainable society and contribute to people’s happiness”, the Toyo Seikan Group hereby declares that it will proactively pursue the promotion of health management. We strongly believe that it is of utmost importance that our employees, who represent our most valuable asset, can maintain their physical and mental health, work with energy, and fully demonstrate their individual abilities.

The employees will endeavor to manage and improve their own health, while the company supports their health enhancement and creates a comfortable and pleasant work environment.

2024 outstanding enterprise in health and productivity management

In March 2024, nine of the group companies (Toyo Seikan Group Holdings, Toyo Seikan, Toyo Kohan, Tokan Kogyo, Nippon Closures, Toyo Glass, Mebius Packaging, Toyo Aerosol Industry and Nippon Tokan Package) were certified as outstanding organizations in health and productivity management in the large enterprise category of the Excellent Health and Productivity Management Corporation 2024 managed by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Nippon Kenko Kaigi.

Meanwhile, five group companies, TOMATEC, Honshu Seikan, Nippon National Seikan, Ryukyu Seikan Kaisha and Tokan Takayama, were certified in the small and medium-sized enterprise category of the program.

The Group’s Health Management Promotion Framework

We implement key measures to maintain and improve employees’ health by driving health management under the supervision of the Group’s operating officer in charge of human resources, cooperating with the Human Resources Department, occupational health physicians, occupational health professionals, and health-andsafety managers.

We have built a framework to promote health management in order to implement the Group’s personnel policy. The members of the Group Health Management Promotion Meeting from 14 group companies meet twice a year to discuss relevant matters not just to protect employees’ mental and physical health, but to take health management to a higher level that meets modern requirements. Paying more attention to employees’ work engagement and well-being, we will aim to realize health management that provides a foundation to support future development.

The Group’s Common Health Management Indicators

As a common measure across the Group, we have established health management indicators based on the “Health Management Survey” conducted by Toyo Seikan Group Holdings and six other major group companies. We are working on a three-year plan launched in 2021 to address the health issues identified within the Group.

Group Common Indicators (Three Year Targets)

  • Increase the proportion of employees maintaining an ideal body weight to 70% or more to prevent the onset and severity of lifestyle diseases.
  • Increase the non-smoking rate compared to the previous year(Decrease the smoking rate compared to the previous year)

Health Management Data for Group Companies

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Company name Ratio of individuals maintaining ideal body weight Smoking rate
70% or more
Lower than previous year
Holdings 67.2% 9.6%
Toyo Seikan 67.6% 30.5%
Toyo Kohan 67.7% 27.9%
Tokan Kogyo 60.7% 28.6%
Nippon Closures 60.0% 32.7%
TOYO GLASS 64.1% 33.7%
Mebius Packaging 65.3% 35.2%

Group Health Management Promotion Meeting

The Group's Health Management Promotion Meeting is held twice a year in principle. In fiscal 2022, the meetings took place in September and February, with the latter attended by officers in charge of human resources from each company within the Group. The meetings serve as a platform to share the importance and significance of health management across the group, discuss health-related issues, and outline the strategy map. Our Group’s approach to health management has primarily focused on safeguarding employee health, incorporating aspects such as legal compliance and safety obligations. However, as health management is now positioned within the broader context of human capital management, it necessitates a stronger commitment from the top management level. In addition to fostering the vital intangible ability such as creativity and productivity that people possess, we aim to realize health management that addresses managerial challenges, and will continue to work toward this as a group.

Silver Recipient of the 2022 Cancer Ally Award

As part of the “Toyo Seikan Health Management Declaration” initiated in 2017, Toyo Seikan is committed to creating an environment where employees can focus on their treatment without worry, even when they fall ill. The company also promotes a “Work and Treatment Balance Support” program to assist employees in maintaining their employment during their recovery.

In recognition of these efforts, including subsidizing medical check-up costs, collaborating with the health insurance association for disease prevention awareness, and creating a "Work and Treatment Balance Support Handbook" to alleviate concerns when illness strikes, Toyo Seikan was awarded the Silver prize for the second consecutive year at the "2022 Cancer Ally Award". This award is hosted by the Cancer Ally Project, a private initiative tackling issues related to cancer and employment.

Quit-Smoking Support at our Group

Our group companies are actively implementing measures to prevent secondhand smoke and support our employees’ effort to quit smoking. These measures include the phased elimination of designated smoking areas within our facilities and subsidy program for smoking cessation outpatient services.

Every year, May 31st is recognized as World No Tobacco Day. We have designated this day as the Toyo Seikan Group's No Smoking Day as an opportunity to review and improve our lifestyle habits. In addition, we provide various information related to smoking through our intranet and internal newsletters.

Purposes of encouraging quit-smoking

  • Prevent health damage from secondhand smoke
  • Top priority on employee health

Quit-smoking support

Group companies and several health insurance associations in the Group have taken measures to help employees quit smoking, including financial aid to use smoking cessation outpatient services, drugs to help stop smoking, and incentives for those who achieved quitting. These measures encourage smokers to increase their willingness to face the challenge.

Registered as a “Gifu Health Management Declaration Company” in the Land of Clear Streams

In Gifu Prefecture, initiatives are being implemented to create a society where everyone thrive in good health. Tokan Takayama, a company of the Tokan Kogyo Group, has made a health management declaration, expressing its commitment to actively promote the health of its employees. As a result, it was registered as a Gifu Health Management Declaration Company on May 20, 2022.

In recognition of its activities based on the health management declaration, it was also certified as an “the Excellent Health and Productivity Management Corporation 2023 in the small and midsized enterprise category.”

At Tokan Takayama, we view this health management declaration as a long-term commitment. We will strive to raise employee’s awareness of health issue and improve health performance indicators.

Holding a Mental Health Seminar

At Nippon Closures, we are committed to promoting the autonomous health of our employees by providing health information and opportunities for health conscious behaviors. As part of our mental health initiatives, we held a “Mental Health Seminar – Stress Management Techniques” on February 10, 2023. The seminar focused on self-care and provided basic knowledge about mental health, as well as practical tips for managing stress. We also conducted stress-relieving exercises during the seminar. We will continue to foster health literacy to ensure that each employee can thrive in both their professional and personal lives, based on a foundation of physical and mental health.