Toyo Seikan Group Procurement Policy

We will continue to be engaged in fair, honest and responsible procurement with support and cooperation from our business partners. Through this commitment, we will provide safe and high-quality products, systems and services that can give satisfaction to all the people in the society and gain their trust, thereby implementing the Management Policy of the Toyo Seikan Group.

1. Thorough Compliance

We comply with social rules, relevant laws and regulations and their spirit, and act with good sense to perform operations that can gain the trust of society.

2. Fair and Transparent Business Relationships

We provide all business partners with a fair opportunity to participate in our business both in Japan and abroad.

We select suppliers based on a fair judgment with a comprehensive assessment of various factors, including quality, cost, delivery time, supply stability, technical ability, ability to make proposals, management conditions and commitment to corporate social responsibility.

3. Quality and Safety

We conduct procurement activities that ensure the quality and safety of our products, systems and services.

4. Respect for Human Rights

In accordance with the Toyo Seikan Group Human Rights Policy, we promote procurement activities that ensure respect for fundamental human rights and that give consideration to the work environment and health and safety conditions for all relevant people.

5. Consideration to the Environment

In accordance with the Toyo Seikan Group Environmental Policy, we promote procurement activities that are friendly to the global environment.

6. Information Management

We strictly manage the secret information we obtain through our procurement activities.

7. Establishment of Partnerships

We seek to build long-term trust and cooperation with our partners to establish relationships that allow us to grow and develop together with them through business transactions.